Making your own Medical Cannabis capsules


You’ve smoked, you’ve vaped, you’ve tried the edibles, and none of it works. Perhaps you are caring for a cancer patient who is suffering with the pain and nausea of cancer treatment and you heard RSO would help immensely. It takes a little prep, a small amount of supplies, but we think the results will be worth it.

You will need:

  • Empty Gelatin Capsules, size 00 (Amazon sells them for $8.75) or you can find them at just about any health food store or Whole Foods, you need at least 50
  • Syringe (RSO or tincture syringes work perfectly)
  • 6 Tablespoons hardening Coconut oil (2 tablespoons to start)
  • 1 gram RSO OR tincture (you can use cannabutter if you know its THC, but butter has high melt point and could melt gelatin capsules), See below


  • Mini ice cube tray to hold capsules. It wasn’t perfect, but it kept things somewhat sorted
  • SO worth it if this is in your future: “100-count size 00 capsule stand with filling tools by Daily Delux” (for $23 on Amazon)

The Process:

Melt the coconut oil in the microwave in a larger glass bowl (so you can stir later) using 50% setting for 30 seconds at a time (coconut oil melts at low heat – watch it closely). Add the tincture or RSO. We are assuming that one gram of tincture has 800 mg THC (the package will list this as a percentage).

Mix oils well. I cannot stress this enough. Mix gently using a whisk then scrape the sides using a silicone spatula. Using a tincture syringe (with a handy gauge), fill your capsule’s bigger side (about .5 ml). Gently put the smaller side over the bigger one and allow to finish cooling.

Make 2 sample capsules, try one for potency. If it’s too strong, heat another tablespoon coconut oil and add it to your batch (I don’t recommend heating RSO-infused coconut oil in the microwave, nasty). You may also find that different strains of tincture or RSO provide very different results, be sure to make notes on each batch. You will probably adjust the dosing a bit on the first few batches, but a good fit is out there. This is more science, but some intuition can’t hurt.


Dosing: You should start with one capsule and give it 15-60 minutes for effects to work (we heard that taking a Tums before you take your capsule(s) helps it to work faster, can’t confirm). Take note on how long the capsules take to kick in and how well they work. Keep your capsules in the fridge in a clearly labelled bottle away from light, children and pets. A 15-day supply is as many as you should make as the capsules tend to leak over time.
If you are using cannabutter, you should have recorded potency. You will need to figure grams/teaspoon (2.5 grams=1 teaspoon). Be sure to allow the butter/coconut oil to cool a bit as it could melt the gelatin (37 deg C/140 def F).