ADT is a trusted name in security…or so I thought.

Their television, magazine, newspaper and internet ads tout how ADT protects our homes and businesses from those trying to rob or burglarize us. So, when it came time for me to purchase a security system for my business, I went with the company with the big advertising budget. A sure bet according to their advertising, right? Wrong!

After signing a long-term agreement with ADT’s sales rep, “their professional installer” came to my business and “expertly installed” my brand-new security system. With motion sensors, glass breakage, and cameras I felt safe against those plotting to steal from me. After all, I was protected by ADT Pulse – the best of the best – so I believed.

Late one night I got a call from ADT monitoring service.

Someone had thrown a brick through the door of my shop and took my cash register. When I arrived at the store the Owasso police were there investigating the burglary. They were very thorough in trying to find the culprit who had done this dastardly deed. An officer asked me if I could pull up the footage from my security cameras. Logging into my ADT Pulse account I felt certain we would have footage of the burglar, and this would be an open and shut case.

What?!!! No video? The cameras had failed to work. There was no video of the burglary. I immediately contacted ADT and asked them what had happened? After talking with several ADT employees, I was eventually informed that my “cameras had not been properly installed.” How can that happen I asked? The ONLY people who has touched my security cameras are ADT employees. Since it was ADT’s fault my cameras had failed, I asked if they would help offset the costs of door repair and cash register replacement. I was told “no financial assistance would be forthcoming.”

I was pissed! I asked to cancel my contract for ADT Pulse service.

I was informed, “The only way to get out of the contract was to pay the full amount of the agreement.” I stayed with ADT to my chagrin. You might now be asking yourself, “Why is this guy complaining about ADT now? Isn’t this just spilled milk?”

Here is the caveat to the story: Over the next couple of years I had several false alarms from my ADT Pulse system. It got so bad the Owasso Police Department began charging me $300 every time they responded to an alarm at my store. Yesterday I received a bill from the city of Owasso for $900! Who should have to pay this bill? Me or ADT? I am the responsible party for the $900 bill…and the ADT PULSE cameras and alarm system is in now in a box in the storage closet. It works just as good there as it did installed in my store.

I say all that to say this:

ADT PULSE is the single worst security choice you can make to safeguard your cannabis business. My personal experience would not even give them a one-star rating!


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