Are you tired of feeling left out of life? It’s okay if you are. Humans are preprogrammed to be social animals and it’s in our DNA to rely on each other to survive. Over history, this has led to us being dependent on others for social interaction like we need air or water. If you live alone or your partner is not as social as you are, that’s okay, we have social apps you can use to get your social skills back to normal.

  1. Houseparty: this app allows up to eight people to get into a chat room at a time and others to sync using Facebook or Snapchat. It’s the third most downloaded app right now so you may feel better in the knowledge that others out there are also needing social interaction as much as you are.
  2. Trivia/Heads Up: These apps are not so much social, but more ways to connect with people if you just want to play games but not always worried about who you play those games with. If you’ve had a few beers, these games can be like bar games, but if you want to play with friends, they offer those options as well.
  3. Words with Friends: an oldies but a goodie, WWF is a blast that tests your knowledge of the English language, but if you have a true anglophile, you might get tired of losing. Some people play WWF like their lives are dependent on the scores, so beware. I personally do not know any of these people I swear.
  4. TwoSeven: this app has me stumped. You can text chat but also host watch parties of videos because you can video share as well as a bunch of other options to interact with your friends as if you were all in the same room binge watching the same show. I think this is for Millennials, but I had to share it. One thing: everyone must be subscribed to the streaming service and it only works with Chrome and Firefox. I get the idea, but it didn’t sound like something I would want to do. I think this is for the younger crowd.

So, there you go. Being isolated does not mean ISOLATED. We used to go out and look at our phones all the time. Now, we are engaged in our lives more often but it’s not so bad. We all need a change of scenery once in a while.

Editor’s Note: recently, Zoom has been the subject of attacks by outsiders sending pornography, racist hate speak or any other number of terrible things using Zoom as their platform. Unfortunately, many people also use Zoom for meeting with their doctors instead of office visits. If you are new to Zoom and apps like it, you will want to create an account with a password, just as you would for your bank account, even if your doctor provides you with a code.


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