If you were among the first in 2018, it’s been a while since you got your OMMA card. Is it time to renew? No time like the present to see what your renew date is. Do you know what to do when the time comes? We looked at OMMA’s website and they’ve done all they can to make your life easier, including a video to walk you through the process, but it’s still a little daunting. We thought a step-by-step guide couldn’t hurt.

BEFORE you can re-apply, you must be within 30 days of renewal. Don’t wait until the last minute (and mail is SLOOOW). Put a reminder on your calendar, or many calendars. If you submitted an application and were denied, call OMMA and discuss your application before you start the process again.

You’ll need to visit your doctor for a new approval (and you need that approval to be within those 30 days too!). There are docs who will help you for a reasonable fee or on a sliding scale. Do NOT let this part of the process keep you from being legal. Wilson Medical in Bartlesville is seeing patients and offering tele-health appointments. For $50 or less, you can get your paperwork sorted and they’ll help with your renewal. (918) 876-4205 gets you more info.

What you need: a current valid state, tribal ID, or passport, your approved Physician’s Recommendation Form, the e-mail and password from two years ago (if your info is out-of-date or you forgot it, call OMMA to update it: 405-522-6662), and you’ll need any VA cards, Medicare/Medicaid cards if you get these services. You will need a photo of yourself, NOT smiling against a plain background, no glasses, hats or gear, showing your shoulders. If you take photos of these things with your cell phone, you can e-mail them to yourself, then send them to OMMA. Keep copies of them for your records until you get your card. Take a picture of your signature too. You’ll need that as well.

To re-apply:

  1. Your best way to re-apply is to visit omma.ok.gov/returning-applicants. You need your e-mail and password from the first time to login. Information from your first application will appear. Be sure to go through and check all the information is still correct and update what has changed. Be sure you provide a physical street address, then you can use another address for where you want your card mailed, such as a P.O. box. Click “Save & Next”.
  2. The next screen is the Physician’s Recommendation Form: name, address, license number, etc. You do NOT have to provide your diagnosis info. Your rights under HIPAA allow you the privacy of not telling anyone but a doctor what your ailments are. Click “Save & Next”.
  3. A list of questions about your medical coverage will come up. If you have Medicare or Medicaid, you will want to fill out this page with your ID information. All other insurance is not accepted by OMMA. Click “Save & Next”.
  4. If you have a new e-mail address, you can enter it on this screen, otherwise click “Save & Next”
  5. Disabled Veterans screen. You will need your VA card and ID numbers to fill out this screen. “Save & Next”
  6. Caregiver Page. If you want to assign another person to assist you, get them a card here. We are going to suggest you think about this one for a moment. If you do not drive, if your health has deteriorated since your last application, maybe you should consider a caregiver. Having someone pick up your meds can be a lifesaver. Consider adding someone here, even if they never end up making a trip on your behalf. “Save & Next”
  7. Signature Page. Here’s where you sign, date your application. It’s easy. Really. “Save & Next”
  8. Uploads Page. You will need the Physician’s Recommendation form, your VALID State ID (or a Passport, Tribal ID), medical card (where applicable), Veteran’s ID and the recent photo of you. They must be scanned in color, separately. “Save & Next”
  9. You will need to pay. OMMA only takes credit or credit/debit cards (of course). You will put in all of your CC info and the system tallies your total. It will cost you $100 and $4.30 processing. If you have Medicare, Medicaid or you are a DAV, your fee is $20 plus $4.30 processing.
  10. Be sure to review your application BEFORE you click “SUBMIT.” Any issues will be flagged in red on the screen, but check everything. You cannot edit later. Mistakes on your end can result in delays and problems.
  11. IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE (and you submitted your app), do not panic. OMMA will most likely contact you via e-mail and ask for clarification on your data. DONE!

You will receive a confirmation e-mail from OMMA after re-application. If all this is overwhelming you, we suggest you ask your physician or dispensary to handle your app. Just be sure to have your ID’s and your paperwork with you at the time of your visit, and contact OMMA with changes to your e-mail and password so you do not waste time. Most doctors will help you for no additional fee as your info is already in the system.

Stay legal.


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