What is meant by a “Full Spectrum” product, and is there research that proves it’s better somehow?
Great question! There are a few parts to the product you buy in the dispensary. One part is CBD, which is famous in the news for helping lots of conditions, and not giving people a “high”. Another part is THC, which has side-effect, like the traditional “high”. A third part is the Terpenes with are responsible for the aroma and have different properties that make them helpful for different diseases. Most of the Terpenes are found in tiny amounts when compared to the CBD and THC, but this doesn’t mean they aren’t important.
Some people come into the dispensary thinking that the higher THC they can get the better. But several studies have shown that use of a product containing CBD/THC/Terpenes is actually stronger and more beneficial for getting rid of disease than just CBD or just THC. This is one of the reasons its always better to use real cannabis flowers, and other whole plant products because you get all three – known as the “full-spectrum” product.
It’s sort of like the full-spectrum of light. When you go out into the sunshine, without clouds interfering, you are getting the full spectrum of light. If you want to separate the light into parts, you can get purple or blue light, reds, etc. Blue light is cheap and
easy for computer companies to make, so that’s what they use. But your eyes can be hurt, including the risk for macular degeneration – which we are seeing in young people now. But going into the full-spectrum sunshine is not harmful to your eyes, as long as it’s not too bright for too long. It is “full-spectrum”, it contains all the colors.
A patient will still want to experiment to find the best possible strain for their condition which is a very complex topic – because
everyone’s endocannabinoid system is different. But combining the CBD and THC gives what is called the “entourage effect”. Entourage is a French word that means all-together, surrounded, escorted. So the entourage effect means the THC, CBD and Terpenes are escorting each other, surrounding each other, playing off each other which maximizes their impact.


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