Beginners Guide (a series)

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New to this Lesson 1: “Don’t go to a dispensary, I’ve got a guy!”

Plenty of wizened weed veterans have told me they could get me flower, vape cartridges and cookies for about 60-80 percent of what my local dispensary charges. I’m always a skeptic (sue me), so I started asking where these bargains came from. The answer was usually California, sometimes Colorado. No biggie, right?
Never has it been so wrong. As a matter of fact, buying black market weed (can’t call this Medical Marijuana or Medical Cannabis) may take down all the states’ rights once the FDA gets tired of sending mean threat letters to California’s 50,000 illegal grow ops. The reasons why are numerous, and a few may cost you dearly if these ops don’t comply (I doubt they will though).

First, these grow ops are not a bunch of barefoot tie dye hippies ‘sticking it to the man, man’. These people are sticking it to you, me, the man, pretty much everybody, including children, local wildlife, dogs, you name it. They have no organic standard operating procedures in place, they use chemicals that are toxic, and they are only concerned about their profits. They do not pay California’s tax nor do they allow the state to inspect what they do. Some of the chemicals they use are combustible, can cause organ failure, blindness or kill users (including children). An independent research company bought black market marijuana from all over the state of California and tested it. Chemical levels two to 32 times higher than normal levels were found as well as chemicals that should not be exposed to heat or flames. Because of the black market and California’s inability to get a handle on these ops, the FDA may shut down the entire legal medical and recreational marijuana market nationwide. We’ll have more on that on our website and in months to come.

Second, there is an attorney who has been planting seeds of lawsuit fear all over the country and he is attracting other attorneys to his cause. He is calling his new specialty ‘Addiction Law’ and he is currently suing opioid companies. He claims that next year, he will wrap up his pharma lawsuits and will be ready to sue the marijuana industry for the insane THC levels of medical marijuana, but first he’s going after the chemicals that get marijuana users sick inadvertently, starting with California’s illegal grow ops. Part two of his attack will be Colorado and budtenders selling marijuana to pregnant women, claiming marijuana’s safety. You see, Colorado’s newborn weights recently declined sharply, and women in Colorado claim the budtenders told them marijuana during pregnancy was good, even telling them it helped with various issues from morning sickness to gestational diabetes. Making untrue/inaccurate medical claims may be the second nail in medical marijuana’s coffin, but it’s a damn big one. We will have more on this attorney and his game plan to ruin all hope for marijuana before it even gets off the ground.

Lesson for today: Yes, if you are a newbie to medical marijuana, the cost at your dispensary can be a bit daunting, but don’t cheap out. Your friend who’s been smoking, vaping, dabbing, or whatever forever has an ‘in’ on some cheaper stuff they get from someone who goes to CA/CO and gets Medical Marijuana for 60-75 percent of what your dispensary charges. But the risk to your health, the environment, the FUTURE of medical cannabis gets shakier every time you buy black market. If none of that gets to you, the next hit you take may cost you your LIFE. Think about that.

Budtenders: Please, don’t make promises or claims about Marijuana, saying that it cures, fixes or heals any illness, injury or relieves anything. In the following months, we’ll do our very best to keep you up-to-date on what the feds are saying and doing that you’ll need to know about.

We’ll have more about what’s going on with marijuana as an industry, the FDA’s role in it’s survival, the ‘Addiction Lawyer’ and we’ll tell you more about what you’ll need to know to stay safe when using MEDICAL Marijuana. Remember, it’s still a medication, use it wisely.