CBD and Beauty – Next big thing or a big flop?


CBD: is it the beauty bomb of 2020 like hyaluronic acid or will it fizzle like bird poop moisturizer masks and face slapping?

With marijuana legalization only happening within the last decade, University of Technology in Australia is thrilled to see what CBD, THC, terpenes and everything else in cannabis can do. They didn’t even have to advertise for funding partners: as soon as they announced their desire to research into canna’s health and beauty uses, the corporate partners came running. Bod Australia was all in with the desire to see what it could do. They are still testing but are optimistic that CBD will be a key beauty ingredient for the future. The partnership of UT Australia and Bod will be named Emerald Plants Health Source (EPHS) and will be the largest cannabis grower in the world serving the Asia Pacific market.

As old fears fall away, new love for CBD, terpenes and cannabinoids will become the new ‘it’ drugs

but when they are added to other ingredients (or even when they are left to work together on their own) some remarkable things happen. Tests using essential oils and CBD offer promising results already in trials. Adding various essential oils to CBD have resulted in something way bigger than anything previously anticipated called the Entourage Effect.

The Entourage Effect has shown remarkable potential for depression, pain, arthritis, ADD, PTSD and many more ailments, both internal and external. The beauty industry stands to find mixes that will revolutionize the industry. There are a few hundred cannabinoids in each cannabis plant, and so far, each one acts differently, but each has a special skill. The exponential effect achieved by adding hyaluronic acid, oils, or nut butters could revolutionize the beauty industry once the magic formulas are dissected.

Countries like Korea, Thailand and the Philippines have looked to nature for beauty cures in the strangest of places for a long time. The legalization of CBD is an exciting time for the beauty industry in these countries where unusual combinations will be tested, and we are certain they will find the magic mix skin cream that does what the others have claimed for all these years. And we will all line-up to buy it if it’s even half as good as they say it is. I’m betting high that it will be all that AND a bag of chips.

What’s the downside?

Well, for starters, if you look at CBD on its own, it is often used for shrinking tissues and cartilage, not what we want it to do with face wrinkles. There are theories that with other beauty products, it’s likely that CBD could have an entirely new effect (or they will add it to fish boogers and it stinks so bad it makes you gag every time you open the jar, but, hey, beauty is pain). It could become the fountain of youth when added to another chemical chain we don’t know about yet. I’m just hoping it’s not a real stinky one and I look like a world-weary cranky 25 year old.