A lot of people are looking for alternatives to smoking cannabis. Some don’t like the burning sensation in the throat, or the coughing fits. Others don’t like bathing in the smell of burned cannabis. There are also medical implications of smoking. Those with poor lung health or asthma may not have smoking as an option at al.

Here are our suggestions for a cannabis experience that is smoke-free and heath-conscious,


We all know about the age old “pot brownies” most commonly thought of when edibles are mentioned. The truth is, edible marijuana comes in virtually infinite combinations of food. There are candies, crackers, soda, butter, baked goods of all kinda and more. Almost anything you can eat can be infused with cannabis. The best part is that you can make these edibles in your own home or select a wide variety of edibles from dispensaries. Since cannabis edibles go through the digestive system, edibles take a while to kick in and are very potent. Start with a low dose and wait for it to kick in before taking more.

Oral Concentrates

Cannabis can be broken down into edible concentrated that can be ingested instead of smoked or vaped. These are similar to edibles but instead of eating a food product, you are ingesting the oil directly through capsules or by adding it to food.


Vaporizing is quickly becoming the preferred method of consuming cannabis. Flower cannabis or concentrate can be vaped at lower temperatures that are less harmful to your lungs. Many prefer the flavor of the vapor to smoked flower. Vaporizers vary from large table top vaporizers that fill up a large bag with vapor to small pens that fit in your pocket and are filled with cannabis oil.


Topicals are a great solution for localized pain, arthritis, soreness and inflammation. topicals come in the form of lotions and balms that are rubbed onto the skin directly. Topicals don’t give the psychoactive effects of cannabis and can be a great way to get pain-relief without euphoria.


Dabbing can be a little intimidating for those new to cannabis. To dab, one uses a powerful cannabis concentrates that are applied to a super-heated metal or glass attachment is touched to the concentrate and then inhaled through a glass pipe. If that sounds complicated and time intensive, it can be. The benefits of this method are two-fold. Clean and properly crafted concentrates can offer a potent experience that doesn’t involve plant material. It also generates a vapor instead of smoke. Exercise caution and make sure you have a high-quality lab tested concentrate.


Similar to CBD oil in application, tinctures are cannabis extract infused liquids. They are typically suspended in alcohol and placed under the tongue. Although this might sound similar to edibles, tinctures enter the blood stream immediately instead of through the digestive system. Tinctures allow for stricter dosage control and quick pain relief. Because of these properties, tinctures are a great solution for medical needs.

As you can see, there are a variety of options outside of smoking cannabis. Some are very easy to use and create, while others are more complicated. Try some of the different methods and find out what you like, love, hate and go crazy for. Once you find something you love, you’ll be glad you branched out.