Man, remember last year when we were worried about getting the new iPhone? What the HELL happened? Where did we take that wrong turn and end up down this horrible alley with scary dudes that want to steal our stuff and beat us up? Fear has become part of our everyday lives. Kids are wondering why their parents are home more, we are all upset about our schedules being changed, money, family members getting sick, the list is so long!

There is a way to address it with marijuana, but NOT the way you might be thinking. If anything, you may be using marijuana counter to the way you should in order to address your fear and only making it worse. Studies have shown that the new medical marijuana is pretty potent stuff; it’s great for nausea, pain management and cancer, but for everyday stuff like fear, it’s a bit over the top, at least in the quantities being used today. If you are using MMJ to relax, some things to consider:

  1. Are you using a Sativa, Indica or Hybrid? It is often recommended that you use an Indica or indica-leaning Hybrid even though you will most likely become a bit sleepy. It will slow your heart rate and relax you which is what you are going for. Sativas get some people crazier that your Aunt Myrtle at the Dollar Store on Half-Off Day.
  2. But not all Sativas are bad. Some can give you the lift you need if your fear, depression, or unhappy mood has taken over your life. If you are couch locked, you might want to try out some of the Sativas that can give you that little boost to get on with your day. Some Hybrids are good for those of us who fear the Sativa.
  3. If you are using MMJ, cut your dosing WAY back. You only need a little to get full effect. Give it a little time to kick in. Marijuana is not always ‘more is better’, if anything, you could green-out, which makes things worse. There are many who go crazy with dosing. Slow down for a while.
  4. Try a new way to consume your MMJ. Edibles are tricky things and some folks have experienced nothing one time and insanity the next. Try vaping or smoking to get a little bit into your system. If edibles are your only method of ingesting, be sure you know if you are consuming a Sativa or Indica.
  5. We suggest that if you are having too many unpleasant mental episodes that you get out and get some exercise. It can be good to change your scenery, get away from the TV, game controllers, family and usual craziness. Fresh air, sunshine and nature can be a welcome change.
  6. Do you use MMJ for PTSD? We need to tell you that you must be aware of your dosing most of all. A little dab will do ya. Seriously. You only need a little MMJ to control your PTSD, please do not fall into the ‘more is better’ trap. Give it time to work, eat right, get sufficient sleep, exercise and stay hydrated.

As for all of us, MMJ has its place in helping us deal with our fears. We applaud you for addressing your fear and doing something to medicate. We want you to do something more than address your mental health with MMJ, fellow Okies. You must add to your regimen with regular sleep times, try to get some form of exercise, watch your sugar, processed food and alcohol intake, do all you can to get water in your daily routine, and do something that makes you happy every day. Color in a coloring book, play with your dog, do a crossword puzzle, watch a favorite TV show, take a nap or just watch the grass grow, but do something that keeps you in the here and now.

If you are having dark and scary thoughts that you recognize as not normal, call your doctor immediately, or call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255. Many local Health Departments have links to help you back to feeling okay too. They can be found in your local phone book’s blue pages.

If you need to change your strain, we are going to suggest you visit your local dispensary at once. Giving CBD a try is not a bad option either. If you do not like the answers you are given, leave and try a new one. Websites like and Weedmaps have suggestions on strains you may have better success with.

This is not forever.


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