Are you overwhelmed? We were too, but we sat in our story meeting, trying to figure out what to cover for our October issue, and like you, we were overwhelmed by it all. We need to make sure you get smarter on what’s going on out there. No party politicking, no “Covid y’all” news, no “Russia still hates us” news here, jus’ facts.

We looked around and found that people have some unresolved issues. Here goes:

  1. Folks are still feeling like their doctor doesn’t always get them. Some people want more than, “Here’s your approval, now get outta here.” We hear you.
  2. Oklahoma is looking to go legal for recreational again. We got news you need to know on that.
  3. Are you growing your own? If you spent all this time growing just to be a nervous harvester, we are here to help you. We also have drying and storage tips to make the most of your efforts.
  4. No sense wasting time. Let’s talk about your winter grow too. Yep, no rest for the weary. You’ll need something to do this winter besides talk to your family anyway.
  5. We have HarvestFest Winners! We also have other things to talk about and we’ll try to throw some lighter side stuff in there. Promise.

But, first, BUSINESS.

You need to vote. Yeah, I feel like I should be wearing mom jeans nagging y’all about cleaning your room, but it’ll be over soon. Facts you need to know right now:

-If you are 18 on November 3, you do not have to be 18 when you register. If you will turn 18 on November 3, you can vote on Nov. 3.

FELONS CAN VOTE. You must have served your sentence, fulfilled your parole, probation and all judgments. Do not let your past control your future. You can also get a Medical Marijuana card. See last month’s magazine if you have questions.

Oklahoma does not honor online voting. We can vote by mail. Go to for the forms and info.

–No one can submit your application to vote on your behalf. You must do this yourself. Your application must be postmarked by October 9, so get going if that’s your plan.

-If you plan to vote in person, you can vote at select locations October 29, 30, 31 and at every poll November 3. has polling info along with contact info for your county.

-You will need a current I.D. when you vote (state issued, military, tribal) and some districts ask for your voter card too. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A CURRENT I.D., you can request a provisional ballot. Please bring as much stuff as you can to prove you are who you say you are (bills in your name, expired I.D., Social Security Card, etc.). You will have to submit a sworn affidavit. has information on absentee ballots, voter registration ballots, voter districts, voter polling locations, sample ballots, check your absentee ballot status, and change your address or political party.

Need more on why 2020 is the year to vote? There are so many websites out there, we could fill this magazine and say nothing else, but some good ones were: (U.S. Government site) (non-partisan site with good info) (good site, gets to info you want) (has info on how to vote in 2020) (more info on how to vote in 2020)


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