Get your 4-20 on!


Hey y’all, the big kahuna approacheth – it’s time to celebrate the biggest holiday known to tokers, 420.

It’s a day the community comes together to celebrate their love of MJ. This year, no matter what happens around us, we all need to take a moment to spark up in honor of how far we have come (you’ll just probably not pass this year’s blunt, but it’s all good).

We’d be remiss if we didn’t share the history of 420; how it came into being and why we celebrate it on 4/20. Some say it’s because it’s the police code for marijuana smoking in progress, and we think it’s ironic yet useful. It’s also a good time of year to enjoy the great warmer weather, be outdoors pretty much anywhere in the country, and it’s the start-up of festy season. The 420 thing was started by two friends and members of the 420 Waldos, a group that claims it’s fame to wanting to legalize, so big props for getting us there. When you celebrate, be sure to look back on how far we’ve come since 2000, 1990, 1980, etc. Remember when a cop finding a joint was serious time? Now, it’s a ticket in most places. We still have a long way to go, but still.
Let’s celebrate. But how do we do it safely?

First, SAFETY.

Yeah, that nasty corona (sans the lime, dammit), has dimmed the fun, but that’s no reason to let yourself feel sad and skip on the happy times with others. Roll some extra blunts (while wearing gloves) and partake with friends, if we are still in the middle of the ‘c-word’ crisis. If not, yay! Celebrate our survival on the other side. Do not share water pipes, bowls or any other communal smoking devices if we are. Just for now. Next year, we’ll do it in style. If you can have a little celebration, you should. Keep your safe distance, share your munchies and HULU account.

How should you honor 420 all day long?

There’s no wrong way to do so, but some long-time partakers will spend the day in a perpetual state of bliss, starting with a wake-n-bake of an edible to go with the morning coffee, followed by getting outdoors (weather permitting) and enjoying all the little things, being glad to have made it through another winter (especially THIS year, eh?), then planning a trip to hit up the local dispensaries for those FABULOUS 420 sales. If you are suffering from a cough, whether it be from a cold or allergies, we suggest you contact your local dispensary and work out a plan that allows you to purchase non-smoking MMJ goods, that you wear a mask, gloves and perhaps have someone drive you, but if your local vendor is a sweetheart, maybe they’ll understand and let you come in before opening and grab your goods so you don’t scare others. You’ll want to sit out this year’s sales if you are contagious. If you have corona, please keep your butt at home and sit out this year’s sales.

420 is the day for a Cheech and Chong trip down memory lane or a binge watch of ‘Weeds’ or even just a single viewing of “My Little Pony”…”

After you’ve conducted your business, then you can celebrate in style. Stop by a local pizzeria, get your hands on some Cool Ranch Doritos and your favorite Little Debbie’s, then let the Hulu, Vudu or Prime movie watching commence. 420 is the day for a Cheech and Chong trip down memory lane or a binge watch of ‘Weeds’ or even just a single viewing of “My Little Pony”. Whatever works for you works for us.
There are some things as 420 enthusiasts you need to do as a proponent of responsible marijuana use; the first is to reach out to your state and local government officials and ask why incarceration rates for marijuana are still so high in our great state. We incarcerate more people for marijuana than for any other drug. There also seems to be some concern as to where the tax money goes. It is our job to ask our officials these questions. After the virus thing has diminished, we need to get on top of that mess.

Lastly, this is not a day to be angry, but rather a day to reflect on how far we have come, but also how far we must go.

Do not let outside factors leave you in a state of anger, fear or sadness. Give yourself a day off to laugh, smile, enjoy warm weather and be happy. We can be cranky another day, but for one day, let’s be okay. We got this.
Peace be with you. Happy 420!


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