I went into Skiatook on a whim (actually, I went to see Michele at Great American Strains just to say ‘Hi’), but I ended up walking out with a big old bag of goodies and a piece of cheesecake from this company called Canna Café (that I honestly was not expecting much from, but Michele can talk me into anything, she’s got the gift. Or she’s evil, not sure which). Honestly, most of the edibles I’ve had taste pretty much like brownies that have been dropped in the dirt. I’m always just blech about them if I’m honest.

I expected to open the box and see little flecks of decarbed cannabis floating about ruining the cheesecake just enough that I would have to not look at it to eat it, or better yet, I’d have to give it to someone else after a bite or two. I just can’t get down with bits of lawn in my food and lots of edibles look like they were dropped at a child’s outdoor birthday party.

Not. This. One.

It was light, fluffy, tasty and each bite was just as good as the previous one. I had to remind myself that I was trying this for a review, so I had to slow down and look for things to say so y’all would be able to make a decision to try this company’s yummies for yourselves. It was a huge piece; I shared it with a friend and there was plenty for each of us.

Here’s my conclusions:

  1. No half-assed ingredients anywhere. Even the dairy, eggs, nuts and such were all top notch and there was no evidence of this company doing the ol’ “cut-back to save a few bucks” trick. Every bite was loaded with lots of what it should have.
  2. The MMJ was almost tasteless, but the buzz feel was there. I didn’t taste it but yeap. I realized I had been watching TV about four hours later. To this day, I have no idea what I watched. Musta been good.
  3. Worth the price, but the prices are AWESOME! You get a big fat cookie for $12, a HUUGE slab of cheesecake for $17 (enough for 2 servings, easy), so their prices don’t punch you in the face.

I haven’t tried their lemonade or sweet tea yet, but based on the cheesecake, I’m willing to bet they are not disappointing.

Best part – Canna Café is locally owned, operated and sold. Give them a try and see what you think. I’ve heard their candy bars are pretty dang good so that might be my next purchase. After I get another slice of cheesecake of course.

I’m so glad we’re wearing yoga pants right now.


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