By Amy Addams

It seems we’ve lost our minds with the Covid-19 thing. It’s scary, BUT we will come out of this. What we will also be is different, BUT in between times we also need to learn to be better versions of ourselves. The old rulebook is out the window. What we have that many parts of the U.S. do not is ingenuity. We’ve been doing without for a long time. Not being mean here, just stating fact.

So, while things are a bit iffy, we all need to help each other, because that’s what we do:

  1. SHARE: we can’t stress this enough, people! Food supply lines will return. Things are dicey now, but that’s only because fear has limited things. If you make a little extra, share it with your neighbor. It’s touching others that’s dangerous, not food. Don’t be a jerk.
  2. Put your guns and sharp things away before you hurt somebody. You can’t shoot a virus. We need to stop the blame game and start looking for resolutions. We can’t fix things with bullet holes in our bodies. You may end up hurting an innocent child. Prisons are still open (we checked). And stop spreading misinformation, PLEASE!
  3. Get MMJ medication sensibly: Call ahead before you venture out. Many dispensaries are doing their best to meet your medical needs. Please respect the six-foot thing. We may end-up doing curbside at some point, but until then, don’t get close, cough into your elbow, have your money ready and don’t hang out to chat with employees, especially if they are busy.
  4. If you suspect you are sick with COVID 19 – STAY HOME! You should logically plan to be home for about 37 days from date of infection according CDC/WHO guidelines. Please respect that. We need to get this over with.

BEFORE you run out of MMJ:

First of all, don’t get stupid ideas about stealing from anyone. That’s a jerk move. Here are some tips for getting MMJ without becoming a thief:

  1. Gather what money you have and buy what you can afford. You may need to buy lower shelf MMJ, or you might find that a tincture is cheaper than buying a chocolate bar. You can add tincture to chocolate at home and make it go farther. Is it perfect? It may be, you never know.
  2. Ask someone who is growing already if they will help you start your own grow. That doesn’t fix today’s issue, but you’ll be happy you did it in 2-3 months. Self-sufficiency is key to getting by. They may help you out with a little of their stash too.
  3. Start conserving early. This is not the time to start being consistently lost in your head. You’ll want to slow down a bit and learn to spread it out.
  4. You may want to go in on MMJ with other patients. You get better deals at higher quantities. If you all go in on half-ounce for $100, you will personally get more for your money than if you buy yourself an 1/8 ounce for $25-35.
  5. Ask for a price break. The worst that can happen is the budtender will say no. If your request is absurd, they will always say no (if you want your half ounce for $20, for example). Be reasonable, be humble and NEVER ask in front of other patients! Do NOT continue to ask again and again either.
  6. Lastly, offer trade-outs. What can you trade for MMJ/MJ from others? If your neighbor grows their own MMJ, and you grow fantastic eggplants, zucchini and other squash, offer up your veggie surplus in exchange for some bud. But so not be offended if you get a no. You may want to offer Eggplant Parmesan rather than plain ol’ veg if your neighbor is not much of a cook. See a need, offer to fill it and be respectful.

Many people will be a bit ‘over the top’ for a while. That’s okay, they are responding with fear and it comes off as aggro. Let them be for a while. For some of us, being without is just another day (if you’ve been homeless, you got this, they’re not there yet).

“Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

-Mahatma Gandhi


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