Hard and Fast Tips for Storing Cannabis Long Term

Hard and Fast Tips for Storing Cannabis Long Term

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We’ve all wondered. How long can I store my Cannabis and how can I keep it fresh? Perhaps you plan on growing your medical marijuana or you want to store a favorite strain long term. Cannabis flowers don’t have a tried and true expiration date, but there are several important tips to keep your buds fresh and ready for as long as possible.


Mildew and other types of mold are your mortal enemies when it comes to storage. Temperature is a key variable in mild progression. Mold grows best between 86 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Just like a cellar full of potatoes, you want to keep your cannabis in a cool and dark space if you can. Hot temperatures can also damage the oils, terpenes and cannabinoids. This reduces the potency and enjoyment of your cannabis.

Keep It Dry

Humidity is also an important factor in keeping your bud mildew free. There is a delicate balancing act between too dry and too moist when storing cannabis. This is something that will have more of an impact when storing large amounts of marijuana as the stakes are higher. It is generally agreed that storing your cannabis between 63% and 59% RH (relative humidity) is best. If you go much over 65% RH you may get mold. If the humidity is far too low you may risk drying the marijuana out too much.

Don’t be overwhelmed, we will give you some hard and fast tips for keeping your buds fresh at the bottom of this page. 

Avoid Long-term Sunlight Exposure

Direct UV rays can be very harmful to your cannabis. The rays will degrade the cannabinoids and break down essential oils. In addition to the UV itself, direct sunlight will cause temperature problems that could result in mold. So keep your buds out of the sun. Remember the potato cellar. Store cannabis in a cool, dark and dry space.

Air and Cannabis

Just like everything else on this list, you should strike a balance between too little air and not enough. If you don’t have enough air, humidity could get out of whack. If you have too much air, your cannabis may break down more rapidly. Many people successfully use vacuum pumps with special attachments in order to reduce oxygen within mason jars.

Hard and Fast List of Ways to Store Your Cannabis

  • Keep your strains separate to avoid contaminating their aromatic and flavor profiles
  • Use a hand or electric vacuum pump to reduce oxygen in containers. (Jars are great containers)
  • Use glass containers when possible because of their neutral charge
  • Use a hygrometer to monitor and control humidity levels
  • Use special marijuana storage devices that are designed for marijuana storage. Think of it like a humidor for cigars. (But don’t use tobacco humidors)
  • Using all these methods, store your container in a cool, dark and dry place

Never Do These Things When Storing Your Cannabis

  • Never store cannabis in the fridge. Fluctuations in the environment will lead to mildew problems
  • Never store cannabis in the freezer. The frozen trichomes on your flower will break off and reduce the quality of your cannabis
  • Never store cannabis with paraphernalia such as pipes. This will allow any ash or resin to contaminate the flavor profile and introduce unneeded bacteria.
  • Never use a humidor designed for tobacco. The propylene glycol sponges inside can oversaturate your cannabis and the wood can mess with the flavor of your strain.
  • Never use plastic containers or bags for long term storage. Unlike glass, plastic has a static charge that can pick up trichomes. This can degrade the cannabis. Plastic is ok for small amounts or short-term storage.


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