Haunted Halloween Candy


Sorry, this is not about having vampire, ghost, and witch shaped cannabis infused candies. That does sound like fun, but you will have to look that one up for yourself. Instead I am talking about children getting marijuana infused candy mixed in with their regular trick-or-treat candy.
The rumor mill is ripe with stories of sick kids and yes even children being killed by cannabis candy. These rumors mainly serve the populace still opposed to legal marijuana and even legal medical marijuana. Their theory is that if it is affecting children the rest of the population will fall in line with their way of thinking and get the devils weed back into full illegal status.
Let’s nip this in the bud with some facts and common sense. There has yet to be a case of any child being killed by marijuana. Such stories often grow out of control and fueled by people that don’t want anyone to have access to cannabis. They grow out of a few cases where someone has gotten sick from consuming cannabis, usually a teen and not a really young child, and they are always a chain of third person tales like, ‘a friend of mine said he knows someone who lived down the street from a family…’ and so on. Remember when the threat of eating a candy bar only to find out your chewing on a razor blade was a real concern? That also started from a story and blew up into nonsense aimed at Halloween being the devils holiday.
While there have been cases of kids getting sick from marijuana consumption it has yet to be tied to Halloween trick-or-treating. What did come from these hysterics was some good common sense advice for trick-or-treating.
First, no one who is on medical cannabis wants to dole out their expensive edibles to the neighborhood children. They go to great lengths to keep it out of their own kids/grandkids hands and don’t want to hand it out to someone else.
Second, the packaging will clearly label edibles as cannabis foods. If you come across a package like this in your child’s Halloween treat bag it was definitely a mistake. Anyone who is a medical cannabis patient and intends to hand out candy should take great precautions to avoid this and parents should look at the packages from their kids bag to ensure a mistake wasn’t made.
Third, do not let children eat treats that aren’t in a wrapper/package clearly labeled with what is inside. You will not find cannabis infused anything in a Hershey’s wrapper. And although gummies can look similarly packaged, they will again be clearly labeled as cannabis edibles if that’s what they contain.
Last, if you want to really be on the safe side, go to a more chaperoned event such as a church trunk-or-treat, or a neighborhood party, or a school sponsored event. These events are held so that people who know each other can come together and let their kids have some fun in a very safe environment. Still adhere to our third suggestion above though.
Legal marijuana is nothing to fear any time of the year including Halloween. No haunted treats here, just safe fun.