Doug Briggs, aka “Uncle Fudge”, was an opinionated and
crotchety 58 year old man. His body was old beyond his years,
caused from a lifetime of drinking first whiskey and then vodka. As
many of us know, addiction will take from you everything you love.
Doctors told him well in advance that continued drinking would be
his demise; yet, Doug (Uncle Fudge) chose to drink, and in the
end, his liver simply failed him.
Yet, the alcohol wasn’t what defined this man to those who took
time to get to know him. He had an incredible sense of humor, and
the kindest heart of anyone I have ever known. Off the wall, he
would say something like, “I went to buy camo pants, but couldn’t
find any” or “Your hair looks like a stump full of granddaddy
longlegs.” Most often you would have to think carefully about what
he had just said in order to understand that he was joking.
When his mother was in intensive care for more than a month,
Uncle Fudge stayed with her. Once she was placed in hospice,
Uncle Fudge took care of her every single day for 18+ months,
never once complaining. Caring for others was an inherent trait in
Uncle Fudge. He cared for a multitude of people over the years
who were ill or incapacitated preparing their meals and ensuring
their needs were met. This was a job he took upon himself
because never once was he paid to care for someone else.
In the end Uncle Fudge kept his diminishing health to himself, not
wishing to burden those who might have been a caregiver to him.
All he would say is “there is nothing they (doctors) can do for me.”
In his prime, Fudge stood 6’3” and weighed around 225 pounds.
In the end, he looked like a skeleton laying on the bed in his trailer.
He passed from this life on August 18th with only his dog Piper by
his side.
I will miss Douglas Gene Briggs [Uncle Fudge]. We experienced
life together — good and bad. Rarely did we see things the same
way, but that seems to be the norm for siblings. Rest in Peace,
Little Brother. May God grant you the serenity you were unable to
find in this world. We love you!
Darrell ~ Tracey ~ Michelle


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