You have put a lot of time and effort into your grow. After a long time and hard dedication, you have finally arrived at this crucial moment. How to know when to harvest your marijuana plants? I will do my best to explain what the best moment is to harvest your marijuana plants. Now you will be able to harvest your girls depending on the desired effect.

The marijuana harvest window is an aspect that, unfortunately, is rarely taken seriously. Other times, what happens is that the grower just don’t have enough patience to wait for a few days to ensure highest levels of THC.

Some cannabis strains are better when harvested at their THC production peak, while others will be better if harvested a few days later. When resin trichomes are near their THC concentration peak, they have a translucent color since the plant is still producing resin in the trichome glands. At this moment, THC production is at its peak, while CBD levels are still low and stable, since molecules quickly become THC.

Terpene aromatic molecules production is also at its peak, developing gorgeously aromatic floral clusters. Many growers harvest their cannabis plants at this moment because they prefer a more clear and cerebral effect. At this moment, THC has few sedative effects due to low CBD and CBN levels.

What does it all mean?

If you are growing mostly Indica hybrids, it is better to harvest your plants when the resin glands are completely developed but not fully ripen before they turn amber unless you want to be glued to your sofa.

The harvest time depends mostly on marijuana strains and phenotypes and can vary from several days to a few weeks between different cannabis varieties.

If you extend too much the flowering period of an Indica strain, it will dramatically affect its taste and effect. Fortunately, extending only a few days the flowering stage don’t usually cause major issues for most people. I recommended to look at your ladies with a jeweler’s loupe

If growing sativa hybrids make sure that all resin glands are fully developed and 30% of them are amber before harvesting your plants.

While there will always be few variations, you can use the following rules to better identify the harvest window of your plants according to the ripening stage of their trichomes:

1) When the bulbous heads of the trichomes are fully developed but still translucent, plants will produce a “high” and stimulating effect, less sedative. It is the perfect moment to harvest strong Indica strains.

2) When these bulbous heads turn milky is probably the best moment to harvest most available hybrids.

3) When 70% of these trichome heads are milky and 30% amber, it is the perfect time to harvest mostly Sativa hybrids and long flowering strains (like Haze). It is also the best moment to harvest plants for making hashish.

Couple of final points I would like to share, when you’re getting close, check the trichomes at least twice a day and different locations.

If you have any questions stop by Great American Strains and the friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to help.


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