(Good Stuff as it pertains to Medical Marijuana)

Hey fellow tokers, vapers, bakers and everyone who partakes to address medical needs:

We wanted to address your concerns during this Covid-19 crisis, but we only wanted to give you data that matters to you and your marijuana use. We are not here to talk about C19 deaths, destruction, politics, or whirled peas. Nope. Not happening. That’s what the nightly news is for. Here’s stuff you need to know:

  1. If you are using marijuana and don’t have a card, the local police are still arresting folks (even little old ladies!), but the caveat is that the courts are closed as of this writing so your wait to see a judge could be a looooong one. We will suggest you rectify that card issue immediately. It’s cheaper than ever and you just got a $1,200 stipend to get started, so stop playing games with your freedom. The list of medical reasons you can carry are long, you should no longer be illegal. Stop with the excuses.
  2. If you DO happen to get arrested, Covid is rampant in the prison system. It’s as bad as athlete’s foot. Worse, if you smoke cigarettes, have other health issues, or tend to worry a lot, you are cruising for a big date with it. Let’s just avoid the whole mess, Okay? Besides, getting busted could eat through your entire gubmint stipend and then some. Think about THAT! No one will take pity on you for being a ding-dong.
  3. Good news! There are federal agencies looking into the effects of MMJ on C19! It appears that U.S. and Canadian researchers are being paid big bucks to see what the short- and long-term impacts of marijuana are on Covid-19 symptoms. Both countries are taking different approaches to their research, but NIDA in the U.S. offering $100,000 per year to see if any hope exists. Only downside is that the research must be completed in two years. If anything good comes of this, we think this will lead to faster federal legalization.
  4. Did you know that people are drinking more? Yeap, it’s true. BUT, what’s weird is that crime around dispensaries is ridiculously low compared to liquor and tobacco stores. So, all that talk about how marijuana would bring the ‘criminal element’ around? No, it appears you are more likely to commit crime for a cigarette or a beer than a joint. Go figure!
  5. If you need to go to your dispensary, be patient, wear a mask if you might be sick (including allergies), and don’t share your stuff or touch your face, people!
  6. Lastly, don’t forget to check on others. People who use MMJ/MJ are gentle souls. Check on the people in your neighborhood, share what you have, believe in karma. What you give will come back to you many times over. Show the world what humanity looks like. No one needs 300 rolls of toilet paper unless you are mummifying your house. Make sure the elderly folks have what they need. Share your stuff with them, offer to pick things up at the store since you are going anyway.

Be the good you want to see in the world. We can all do better.


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