Kratom and Marijuana


Did you know that kratom can help heighten the effects of Marijuana? , Neither did I !Using Kratom and Marijuana together has been found to help with Chronic pain, pain caused by injury, or from surgery. It also helps combat the paranoia and anxiety that can sometimes occur from using THC. What marijuana strain you decide to go with will dictate what kratom strain you will have the most success with. Here are the different strain choices.

Red Vein is gonna be more like your indicas. These strains are good for pain relief, sedation, and relaxation. These strains will have a more calming effect.

White vein is gonna be more like your sativas, their more of a get up and go type of strain. Great for energy , increased focus, mood enhancement and concentration.

Green Vein is gonna be more like your hybrids, they can go either way. These strains are good for mild energy boost, mood enhancement and mild pain relief

Here’s a tip to get the best results from this combination. Remember K.F.C (Kratom , food, Cannabis) . Doing it this way will help you avoid getting light headed or overwhelmed. It’ll also help if Kratom upsets your stomach.

Although I have not tried this combination myself i have talked to a few people that have, they’ve said that they have gotten great results from this combination. This may be a great option for you if you aren’t getting good results from just Kratom or marijuana alone.