By TCB Staff

Y’all had your moment of panic

it’s time to settle down and return to your human form. You may want to start with your homegrown medical marijuana plants. It doesn’t matter if you are starting with seeds (did you see that Brothers Grimm Seeds are in OKLAHOMA?!?) or clones, when your tender babies are just starting out in life, applying growth hormones or nutrient supplements is not a good way to get them happy to be on this earth. Even good things aren’t good to apply early on; nitrogen, phosphorus and magnesium and other nutrients are too much for delicate plants’ root systems.

Here’s why even plant babies don’t need chemical enhancements: your precious babies need time to form a root system. Magic nutrients give roots love, but only when established, not when they are new and delicate. If you get chemical happy early, you will burn these thread-like fibers and make them shrivel up and die.

When DO you treat with magic grow nutrients?

There are all kinds of theories out there, and we don’t know who to believe, but the common theme is that if you started from seed, wait until the first mature leaves have formed and your little plants have become solid. If you started a clone, you want to wait until you get at least another row of new healthy leaves going. If you want to call and tell us how wrong we are: 1-800-WAH-BABY.

Pest control is another issue around here. If you are looking for natural pest management, we’ve found that companion planting of herbs is a great proactive way to start your season off on a high note without having to play catch-up later. Plants like basil, lavender, marigolds, rosemary and sage are useful deterrents to many outdoor pests. They have use and can keep your grow organic. Many people suggest using things like Dawn dish soap watered down and sprayed on plants for aphids, but we could not verify if this is truly organic or not. We also heard stories that any treatment for tomato plants can work on MMJ, but we can’t suggest it without solid science to back it up. We will suggest that you call your granny and ask her what she used to do for garden pests on tomatoes back in her day and try it on one plant first (maybe the runt?). Chances are still 50/50 you’ll have some success. If you can’t get to your grow supply, visit your local Tractor Supply and ask about tomato issues (which I highly recommend if you must do something; I LOVE Tractor Supply).

Another thing to consider…

before the season starts is the grow medium. Aeration is key to making sure your grow starts out on the right foot, so making the investment in a good MMJ soil from a local MMJ grow supplier could be the biggest key to a great season. If you already have a system that works, we won’t suggest you change it now, but think about it.

Here’s something that everyone should do: keep records. It’s such a simple thing but so few growers do it. You don’t have to write “War & Peace” but knowing what you did right and wrong will make each successive year better than the last. Recording what you did and when can help you see successes and failures as well as make plans for a second grow this year if you do happen to stumble.


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