By TCB Staff

We all know there are dark and scary things out there, but we’re Okies – we aren’t going down so easy. Gather ‘round friends and let us tell you a story of a little seed company that could. They’re the perfect story of the little guy that wouldn’t cave to government pressure, a true David and Goliath. They might just be the glimmer of hope you need to keep going and keep normal in all the chaos swirling around us.


Once upon a time,in 1996, the federales were telling us that we needed protecting from ourselves and they still wanted us to believe that marijuana was the root of all evil after 70 years of proof to the contrary. One of the heroes of our story, a nuclear engineer named Rick Campanella (AKA “Mr. Soul”), founded technology and systems for growing MJ at a time when folks were throwing weed seeds in cornfields and hoping for the best. Mr. Soul developed all sorts of hydroponic and climate-controlled systems along with sorting out the best times for cloning, trimming, pruning, harvesting and seed storage.

Mr. Soul was so good at the marijuana grow thing, he developed strains famous all over the world, he upset the federal gubmint and he ended up moving over to Europe to pursue his gift of marijuana whisperer without the craziness we still have from the feds today. But while the tide is slowly changing, Mr. Soul is creating a posse of great guys who know their geography as well as the people who live within. And that’s part of the story.

Pay attention, here’s where it gets good.

In 2006, Mr. Soul called on fellow business associate and entrepreneur, Rocky Fisher, who had excitement for the Oklahoma market and knowledge of Okies. Rocky is a real deal knowledge guy (but wears a cowboy hat instead of a bowtie) with a hint of outdoorsy thrown in. We didn’t sniff a hint of fake on him anywhere and we love what Brothers Grimm has done (and continues to do) for the industry. They want seed strains and products that speak to this market. Rocky Fisher, with a little help from his wife Sherli, is making that happen without being a used car salesman about it. We’re pretty psyched-up about that and even more excited that they did all the science stuff for you. You just gotta plant.

What makes Brothers Grimm seeds and strains so special? We don’t have room to list all they’ve done to make it happen, but a whole lot of folks agree they got that magic touch with their Cindy 99 and Apollo 13 being honored as two of the all-time best strains, and their Rosetta Stone was a top-10 High Times fave for 2018. They aren’t done yet either. We give them big props for strain names that don’t sound like something apocalyptic or super creepy, but we LOVE that they are all about the product and creating the best sound science and processes. That’s what engineers do.

The moral of the story:

This spring, instead of sitting on the couch, watching reruns, worrying over the news, let’s get outside, plant some happiness, and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. That’s what our ancestors did. Feel the dirt on your hands, enjoy the experience of planting and growing your own MMJ. Record your process and findings. Let’s step outside our social media world and talk to plants like we used to. Brothers Grimm is showing you a new way, let’s try it.

Are you convinced? Brothers Grimm has seeds for you right here in our little state. Stash House in Tulsa carries their seeds and you can expect to find seeds and flower in more shops as they get ramped in 2020. Get your garden going and have something positive to entertain yourself while we wait out this hiccup of life. In the meantime, you might find that a simpler way of life ain’t so bad. We got this.

Wash your hands after you’re done.

And we ALL live highly ever after.

The End.


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