(lessons from some 2019 disasters)

“Welp, THAT wasn’t what we expected, but 2020 will be better.” We heard that a lot in October of 2019. And November, December, etc. What happened since is a 50/50 split of people taking their own advice and applying their life lessons and others who are sure that if they just try harder, they aren’t doomed to the same fate. Let’s review some 2019 disasters, shall we?

  1. Wind spore contamination from hemp grows pollinated MMJ crops. Yeah, it happened. Some major losses happened Oklahoma-wide when outdoor MMJ grows were hit with hemp goo. Big losses resulted. Suggestion: move your precious crops undercover or know who is upwind.
  2. Soil contamination ruined crops. There was a time when Okie soils and our brutal hot summers were everything MARIJUANA could ever hope for. MEDICAL marijuana needs more than throwing seeds down if you want to sell to the market. Marijuana and hemp are used to leach metals from soil and decontaminate it. Those plants are usually destroyed. Don’t cry, they sacrificed for a good cause. Yours will not pass testing if you go this route as well. Baking Okie soil will not remove metals. Do not believe the stories.
  3. Any water will work. WRONG. Even ground water can trash your crops (see #2, above). If you trust ground water from rains, they can bring metals up from lower soils and bedrock up to the surface. It’s enough to have you sitting outside with an Iron Man umbrella, protecting your precious babies while the kids walk to the bus stop getting wet cursing your parenting skills.
  4. Indoor growers, we’re coming for you too; like you love to hyper nutrient your plants, “if a little is good, a lot is great, right?” WRONG. Micronutrients can be blocked by things like iron if you give your babies an overdose of too much good stuff. Like a human with too much vitamin B, plants do not do well with too much good. Pay attention, read all the directions, measure twice and pour once.
  5. Lighting can make or break your plants’ lives. Photoperiodism is when lighting is overdone too early in your grow process (usually outside lighting leaks into your contained grow operation), causing your plants to flower too early (or too late). Your buds will be crap and you wasted a lot of money and time.
  6. Additional environmental considerations such as carbon dioxide, temperature and humidity need to be part of your grow plan as does the container method. Learn as much as you can from as many sources as you can, then look at your operation and see how their lessons pertain to your grow specifically. One person’s advice is not enough.
  7. BIGGEST NEED: a notebook. Get one from a dollar store, your kid’s bedroom, make one from copy paper or use an old one, but you MUST write down everything you do and the date. Take pictures with your phone to document progress. This can help if you need to cry to the local grow supplier about your problems. They are much friendlier with real data as opposed to vague descriptions drawn on receipt paper while you are blubbering.

We are NOT going to outline how to grow your medical marijuana like a big dog for many reasons, the biggest one being that EVERYBODY we have spoken with claims to be an expert, and last year’s spectacular mediocrity proved that we ain’t there… yet.

We reached out to many of the experts and no one was willing to put out there that they had a foolproof plan to grow, so despite what many experts might have to say after the fact, they won’t commit on paper.

One thing we WILL do is tell you to speak with a grow supplier. Skunk Grow Supply is a great shop to visit for your soil, nutrients, chemicals and lighting needs and we love Tulsa Welding for CO2.

Read on for seedy advice from Brothers Grimm Seed Company. Good luck in 2020, y’all! You can get by with a little help from your friends.


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