There is a new edible school of thought…

and we don’t know what to make of it really. It’s the lettuce-eating types who think eating raw flower (mostly the leaves) of marijuana has many amazing health benefits. It’s become a salad staple in high-end salad bars where recreational marijuana has gone legal and folks are looking to justify marijuana’s eternal usefulness and beauty.

Many anti-marijuana advocates are a little peeved about this movement, they think this whole legal thing is at a tipping point (we’re sure the Pork Board and Beef Council are gnashing their teeth as well), but still, a salad is a salad and if we go rec, we can do this too, right? Maybe? Do we WANT to? Is this like drinking bong water?

If you want to get high

fuggetaboutit. You’ll want to eat your bunk or junkier stuff. Do not experiment with salad making with the $250/ounce stuff. BUT, marijuana in its raw form has a lot of nutrients, like as much as kale, supposedly. Last I checked, kale was still cheaper and they BOTH taste like crap, so no, raw marijuana does not taste like Ben & Jerry Chunky Monkey. At all. It will still have THCA and until you decarb it (heat process that converts the THCA to THC that will make you high), there are psychoactive effects from consuming raw marijuana.

The benefits from consuming raw marijuana are claimed to be pretty big; like it’s fiber-rich, loaded with vitamins C and K, calcium, folate and iron as well as natural probiotics. What it also does is help your body get a good night’s sleep through all those terpenes everyone is always talking about.

There is also anthocyanin in raw marijuana

which is also found in purple cabbage and eggplant. We are apparently all deficient in it (why is no one ever deficient in RED MEAT or French fries, hmmm?), it helps with immunity and is fabulous for better eyesight.

A REALLY big deal comes from all the antioxidants in raw MJ. Antioxidants do all kinds of things to keep you from looking old before your time, keep sickness away and they do all kinds of things to keep environmental junk from beating us down too badly.

So, if you are interested, there are many ways to get raw marijuana into your daily diet; making smoothies or salads are probably the best ways to get it into your diet.

We’ll suggest that if you like the idea of eating raw marijuana, but your wallet can’t stop laughing, then you stick with kale, cabbage or any other number of grocery store available veggies that can be found for less than three dollars per pound and stay the course with medical marijuana or CBD. If you have so much marijuana that you feel the need to make salads, call our Publisher, Darrell at (918) 260-7195, he’ll be at your house in 20 minutes.


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