There’s a new THC in town, and it can mess you up good. Meet THCP

Hey, y’all, we don’t feed you words you need to hear. We’ve told you that we aren’t fans of fake flowers of any kind, spices are only for cooking, kratom is helping many people get away from opioids, heroin but big pharma hates that, so the FDA is slow to play nice, and mushrooms are finding their place in PTSD. Just recently, we learned that there is a new competitor in the market; THCP – it is 30 times stronger than THC.

Researchers tasked with studying THCP gave some to lab mice and found that the mice were pretty dang stoned on really low doses, but there is a theory that it can act as something new, giving the user a whole new experience, complete with hallucinations like psychedelics, but without the hyperactivity. Some are going so far to call it a gamechanger.

A CBD look-alike (cannabidiphorol or CBDP) was also found while researchers were digging around for THCP. Hopes were dashed when CBDP didn’t live up to the hopes that it would be the next big thing to replace CBD for inflammation, pain, seizures and anti-oxidants.

But back to THCP.

There are folks looking into a strain that will produce larger quantities of THCP (no, we don’t know where they are, don’t ask), but, as with everything MJ/MMJ related, lack of federal interest, lack of federal funding (funding has been cut to $500,000 for 2021, about two months of research, tops) is clearly anti-MMJ of any kind. It’s not going to move forward under the current administration.

Bad drug. BAD.

Despite the money earmarked for future research, plenty of universities have taken up the mantle to help their fellow man with or without federal grants. There are classes of drugs that have already been shown to interact badly with your MJ. If you are using these drugs, talk to your doctor BEFORE self-medicating. Your health comes first.

Overwhelming evidence shows that MMJ/MJ can, and will interfere with liver function when other drugs try to get in there too. Drugs that are processed through the liver will be blocked or at least hampered greatly. Don’t play with them.

Here’s the drugs you need to know about:

  • Benzodiazepines – muscle relaxers, anxiety drugs, Valium all fall in this class, as can barbiturates and codeine. While they may not kill you, stay off the roads. PLEASE.
  • Blood thinners – things like Warfarin (the biggest) are inhibited by MJ and can have other issues. Reports of stomach bleeding, strange bruising, nosebleeds and coughing up blood has been reported. Stop the MJ if you are on blood thinners.
  • Sexual aids – Viagra is the best thing to get a guy going but mix it with MJ and it’s not going to get you there. Like you could have a heart attack even if you have no history of heart problems.
  • Anti-depressants – Not all, but many anti-depressants, like Prozac, have a pretty bad interaction with MJ. Prozac slows the metabolism of THC in your body and increases its concentration. There are reports of people going a bit crazy from this drug cocktail. Pass.
  • Antifungals – Ketoconazole is the one to be aware of. So many people use this all the time. MJ and antifungals can conspire against you. They get together in your liver, plan a party, it turns into a rager, the cops have to break things up…not good.
  • Diabetes – This is tough one, as MJ/MMJ affects many folks’ blood sugar levels. If you partake, have an open, honest conversation with your doc about your MMJ use. Your sugar could be less resistant insulin’s effects and you are headed for a head-on.
  • Antibiotics – not ALL antibiotics, but one biggun, rifampin (treats tuberculosis and Legionnaire’s) is also a THC-racist. They do not play well together and just like the rest of these meds, THC builds up, and WHAM, you have issues. Of course, if you have TB or Legionnaire’s, using MJ is not advised anyway. You might need round-the-clock adult supervision.

These are only a smattering of the KINDS of meds that can interact poorly with MJ/MMJ. As with ALL meds, tell your doctor everything you take; over-the-counter medications, street drugs, MJ/MMJ, and if you are doctor shopping for drugs—get help. If your doc treats you like a dog, grab your files and go elsewhere. Stop playing with your health and your life. People care about you, WE care about you.

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