We know for some of you, this is a snooze fest, but the medical weed world is full of technology and if you want to get in on it, you might want to learn a few techie terms. We promise to not throw too many at you at once, but it can’t hurt you to learn a few while we’re all locked away from civilization.

Here’s a few you can throw around at your next fancy dinner party:

DNA Sequencing: you only need to know that what makes this technology so cool is that a few companies will soon have the tech to blend the best of THC and CBD that your body’s biochemistry needs. Imagine picking out a blend of oils that matches to your unique physiological needs. If anyone else smokes or vapes it, they’ll have a much different experience, but yours is mind-altering. There are only a few companies working toward this end right now, but this is the direction MMJ is moving in. It will go a long way toward legalizing at the federal level too. The federales can’t cry that MMJ has no real value because, HUZZAH, each blend is made for each person. Can’t get no more medically special than that. Heck, that beats out most heart, pain and depression medicines out there today.

Because MMJ is psychoactive and each person has a different history of use, marijuana tolerance, pain tolerance, mental tolerance and so many other factors and variables, your unique vape could be a one-hit wonder of epic experience.

Nanoencapsulation: this is a term you’ll want to know, especially if you use oils, as only 20 percent of them are used by your system. If you can’t do the math, that means that 80 percent is lost to waste. Nanoencapsulation is a process that allows cannabinoids to blend better with other liquids (like oil mixing with water). This will change the consumables market for liquids like beers with cannabis (because we really need that, smell the sarcasm), teas and other infused drinks. Adding canna-oils into anything water-based, including humans (we are 70 percent water) will make cannabinoids processed so much better by our systems.

App-Based Retail: this one creeped us out a little, maybe because we’re old and still used to the old days of buying weed in a dude’s smelly basement, but its legalization has led to major changes in how we buy nowadays in a bright sunny store where we used to go to get our nails done or to buy video games. Even though Oklahoma isn’t there yet, we may be ordering online and getting our own “Door Hash” in another couple of years, so keep an eye out.

Lighting Advancements: If you plan to do an indoor grow, you might have a minor heart attack when you see the cost of lighting systems for indoor grows, but don’t let the cost of LED’s scare you off. The savings in your electric bill will make them worth every cent. They burn cool, use fewer bulbs and provide wider spectrum your plants need than the old-fashioned grow lights. Take the chance and invest in a new-fangled grow lighting system. Just the savings to your air conditioning bill is worth the money.


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