Okay, y’all, I am sick to the gills of Coronavirus talk (not punning here, I just am). We need a hero, somebody who don’t give a good fiddle what nobody thinks, ain’t got no politics to throw at us, no secret bunker where they are beating their ex-wife, ain’t sellin’ us some crap plastic gadget that some kid in a third world country made or that was tested on clubbed baby seals or anything like that, we just need somebody that we can all say, “Okay, you’re good.” WE NEED A BREAK.

Enter Willie Nelson.

Here’s why: it’s not his music, although ol’ boy can throw down with the best of ‘em even when he’s getting ready for bed at 2 a.m. and you knock on his door looking for a little Whiskey River lovin’ (wear a Covid mask please), it’s not his cool braids or his longevity in the music biz. Nope. It’s that he is standing up to the corporate takeovers in the MMJ/MJ biz world who are threatening the way of life that the weed world was never supposed to become.

Willie is a home grower all the way back (and before) the 1980’s when he birthed Farm Aid because farmers all over were losing their land to corporate takeovers and farmers were committing suicide at a scary rate. Does any of this sound familiar? He raised millions for the little guy back then and he hasn’t stopped caring about the little guy ever since.

Big Marijuana has gone big pesticides, big investment and has pushed out the little grower since the first legalization ink dried. Legalization has come with a lot of drawbacks that Willie saw from early on and is fighting, along with his business partner, Andrew Davidson, Co-Owner of Willie’s Reserve.

There are no chemicals legally approved to be used on Marijuana, but not a lot of government oversight in many states, meaning that big grow ops are not risking losing big profits (Avid, Floramite, myclobutanil, and imidacloprid are used in big quantities for mites to name a few).

What Willie has been doing is quite genius really. Small growers can get his ‘Seal of Approval’ if they meet certain requirements; they cannot use certain pesticides, they must be a small grower, they must have good product and they must be ethical. What Willie gives them is power. They can compete with the big players in the marketplace and see bigger return on their investment.

Willie is fighting some big foes, with companies like Monsanto and Bayer trying to take over the marijuana game, but he’s not quitting. As a matter of fact, he’s digging in his heels and telling it like it is.

“These problems could have been fixed on the first day, but you have a lot of bureaucracy and bullshit, a lot of big corporations. So that’s what we’re up against. They’re trying to monopolize it all. That’s horseshit. That ain’t right, and we’ll do everything we can to keep that from happening.” – Willie Nelson

If you are gonna put your weed where reputation is, some of the best out there has Willie’s stamp on it.


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