By Amy Addams

We’ve heard so much about the world of terpenes, we got a little overwhelmed by their names alone. It’s like memorizing the Greek Gods in seventh grade (we wondered if there was a test on this or if we would have any use for this later, like Greek mythology. And algebra).

Maybe there is some use for this terpene knowledge after all. There are some terpenes that have real medicinal value and could set the pharmaceutical industry on its ear. Ocimene is one such terp that is giving conventional medicine a run for its money. Literally.

What is known about Ocimene at this point is all happy stuff. It is not a terpene specific to cannabis, it is a scent found in bergamot, mangoes, pepper, orchids, basil, hops, kumquats and other sweet herbal floral plants. The smell fends off aphids and mosquitoes, yet it makes up the base notes of many sweeter, fruity perfumes and essential oils known to be mood enhancing.

But what science is learning about recently is that Ocimene is more than a pretty scent; it could be ready to do headier things like mind control, alter blood glucose levels and insulin and even control the body’s ability to deal with inflammation and low energy.

But WAIT, there’s MORE! If you try Ocimene, you could have a shot at fighting viruses, fungi, and microbes that want to beat you down. SARS, MERS and maybe even coronavirus could get their collective butts kicked to the curb when Ocimene partners with Myrcene and Pinene to create the Super Trifecta known as the MOP Team (no, not really, I just made that up).

What makes using Ocimene-rich cannabis, or even CBD, a winner for you? Well, you could find yourself no longer in need of medications that require increasing doses over the years, finger sticks, doctor visits, and (best of all) you could find yourself no longer stuck in the never-ending merry-go-round of sickness that ensures you never get well. And that is the whole point of medical care, isn’t it? They don’t make money if you aren’t sick. Like old-fashioned coffee makers and kitchen gadgets. They never break down because they are made right with quality parts.

Which brings us back to the old-timey medications that your Granny swore worked and your Momma thought was just plum crazy, but dang if 75-80 percent of it didn’t do the trick. Maybe with the resurgence of herbal medicines, it’s worth trying an Ocimene-scented essential oil as a mood enhancer to see if it doesn’t lift your spirits next time you are stuck at home during a random pandemic with the spouse and kids and nowhere to go. If breathing in some basil scent doesn’t refresh you, choke your spouse with it and let that be a lesson to the little people in the house that you are not to be trifled with.

If you are serious about essential oils for mood enhancement, Wikipedia has a great primer on Ocimene chemistry ( as well as more information on aromatherapy than you could even hope to use as a beginner.


Ocimene scents (sweet, fruity, woody): basil, coriander, pineapple, bergamot, blood orange, sweet orange, ginger, mango

Myrcene (woody, complex): verbena, bay leaf, hops, wild thyme, lemongrass, cardamom, lavender

Pinene (coniferous resin): sage, pine, eucalyptus, turpentine, iron wort


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