Ready for a Canna Festie in NE OK? Copperhead’s gotcha covered!


Hey, if you live in the eastern part of the Great State of Oklahoma (AKA GREEN COUNTRY), then you might want to show your love for our part of the state Oct 4-5 at Copperhead Rally Grounds. They are opening their special site for a special weekend of learning, love and listening, among many other things if you’ve been scratching your brain over what this medical marijuana biz is really all about. You’ll need $20 and some camping gear. You must be 21 or over (bring a valid ID), but that’s all you need to start the weekend right. You’ll want to bring some other stuff, but their website gets into all that biz stuff, we want to talk about the fun.

Gates open Friday, 8 a.m., and you might want to ask for the day off because it’s worth your time to be there early, camped-in and bushy-tailed, ready to start the weekend right. They have music by Mountain Sprout, Doc Fell & Co and RC and the Ambers, and more lined-up for both evenings, but you’ll want to check out the vendors of all kinds of cool stuff and kush you never knew you needed and stuff you’ve been looking for forever. It’s all going to be there. We want to mention that they’ll have Copperhead Grounds open all week for early set-up to avoid any bottlenecks getting folks in and settled. Bring your scooter, wheelchair or walker, they are working with all in need of medical canna answers.
They’re also planning fun for everybody; yoga, art, games, canna competitions (cash payouts and the big winners get to play at the Cowboy Cup in December, Yippee!), and more fun than most of us have earned the right to, but they seem like they want to show us a good time anyway. They’ve lined-up SEVEN local bands (one is a country-rap duet, so I’m curious enough to go to see what that’s all about), so go and enjoy. Everyone is welcome to attend and ask questions.

You will want to call or check their Website for details, registration: 918.399.5234, The grounds are located in Spavinaw at 14367 Highway 82.
This is a peaceful event. Leave your kids, your attitudes, weapons, firearms, pets, glass containers and problems at home. Happy High Life!