We do our very best to find the most recent and accurate information out there, digging into medical papers, government press releases, university findings and anything official we can get our hands on. BUT, sometimes, there isn’t enough information to make a story worth the space. We like our data useful, but a page of fluff is blech. So here’s some data bits we thought you needed to know about now, but they aren’t quite page fillers:

  1. Vaping ain’t so bad. A study done at Yale found that the vaping world got a lot of bad press from the big biz vape folks trying to keep the little guys down. Where MMJ/MJ has been legal, vaping has been sorted out and vaping is pretty dang safe; less than one injury per 100,000 vapers. Where MMJ/MJ was not legal, vaping injuries were 1.4 per 100,000. Legalization has its perks.
  2. CBD can rock your sore knees. A couple studies have shown that CBD is not just some random initials, but it has all kinds of uses for osteoarthritis and pain management. We are not advocating CBD or MMJ for every ache and pain; the study DID find that CBD did not work for everyone. If this is you, discuss this with your doctor, you may have advanced beyond responding to CBD or MMJ at all.
  3. On that note, another study has found that CBD and MMJ are about 60-70 percent effective in pain patients who have been in pain for less than five years, are in relatively good health, and who do not have advanced osteoarthritis. That’s not to say that it can’t work for advanced patients, it might take a while to find the right strain(s) for you. Keep trying. As we find out what terpenes are most helpful, we’ll get back to this…
  4. Sports fans, check it: for some reason, some people care about which sports fans get high the most. As crazy as it sounds, if there is funding, there’s a study for it. E-Sports and UFC fans like to get high the most and NFL/MLB/golf fans are the least likely to puff, puff, pass. What REALLY got us curious were the number of TENNIS fans who like to partake. Thirty percent of tennis fans are smokers, coming at number 3 on the most users. WHAAAAT?
  5. THCP is getting a lot of love in Europe. We covered this a few months ago, but not a lot of U.S. attention has been given to this phytocannabinoid. THCP is unique in that cannabis creates a lot of this miracle medicine versus other plants like eucalyptus, but Schedule 1 status by the feds keeps research from being had here in the U.S. Fortunately, Europe is advancing along in the study of Cannabis and European research group UNHEMP funded a project in Italy to see what this cannabinoid can do. Right now, we know that it is 30 times stronger than THC and 33 times more active. THCP has more cannabimimetic activity than THC, controlling things like pain, immobility, activity and body temperature. More to come….
  6. Did you know that 30 states have some kind of canna-vote on the ballot for Nov. 3? Yeah, it’s like that. There are many people who want marijuana legal in 2/3 of the country. It’s mind-blowing when you stop and think back on how we were all shocked when California went legal back in 1996. It’s your job to keep the science accurate when you hear the lies. We’ll do out part to break it down for you.
  7. Speaking of California, let’s keep an eye on their need for green. Not the of the cannabis variety, but of the tax dollar type. It seems that where politicians get greedy, the Black-Market creeps in and grows like, well, a weed. Where states have kept their greed in check and their taxes reasonable, the Market has faded, having no place to sell their chemical-laden garbage pot. It is up to us to keep our leaders in line and remind them that a 30 percent pot tax is not the only solution to our financial burdens.
  8. How would you feel about decriminalizing ALL drugs? Oregon has that very question on the November Ballot, and it’s quite the conundrum. We told you about Portugal, where addiction was rampant and all but disappeared when everything went legal 20 years ago, but is Oregon ready? It’s only a matter of time before other states entertain the notion as well. We’ll keep you posted.
  9. Speaking of the science of Economics, Illinois legalized recreational January 1 of this year, and after Covid hit, this proved to be a boon to keeping the lights on for many state and local governments. 35 percent of the tax money was returned to local govs, some going to areas where communities were hard hit by MJ criminalization. Right now, the bigger picture is Covid, and there are some communities using a bit of their boon to provide free Covid testing.
  10. We’ll round-out Science Says with a little tidbit about Covid. We avoid this topic like the plague (pun not intended; we swear), we think you get enough of it everywhere else. But just this little bit of info did our hearts good to know; we found out that MJ for recreational use has been a lifesaver in places where alcohol abuse was once a big problem. People started using MJ over alcohol and 85 percent stated that MJ/MMJ helped so much more with anxiety and depression than alcohol. One study we found said that rates of alcohol abuse are decreasing in states where MJ and MMJ has become acceptable. The cannabis market has grown 45 percent since the beginning of the year.


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