Micah Rodriguez

With legalization of medical marijuana sweeping the nation…

more and more patients are looking for alternative ways to treat their problems. Many of these problems include chronic pain, loss of appetite, insomnia, or depression and anxiety. Weed has been an answer to many patients, but what else could some medical mary jane help with?

Around five percent of adults live with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. In recent years, doctors and clinicians have merged Attention Deficit Disorder with ADHD and now list three subtypes of ADHD. The first is Inattentive ADHD, commonly ADD, and this may include trouble focusing on tasks, frequently forgetting things, or often making careless mistakes. Hyperactive ADHD is characterized as restlessness and fidgeting, risk-taking behavior, and impulsive decision making. The third category of ADHD is a combination of the previous two.

This mental disorder is suggested to be caused by a deficiency in neurotransmitters, predominately dopamine, and a structural change in the brain. Medications have been manufactured to remedy these causes, like the amphetamine stimulants Adderall and Ritalin.

These drugs work to increase production and slow the breakdown of dopamine in the brains receptors. Although these drugs are prescribed and are proven to help improve conditions, many users reports unwanted and ill-effecting side effects. These side effects include emotional blunting, fatigue, loss of appetite, and mood swings. These medications can also cause addiction due to the active ingredient amphetamine. Many who start these medications eventually end up quitting due to one or a combination of side effects.

Marijuana has also been shown to have an effect on dopamine levels in the brain. THC, everyone’s favorite cannabinoid, increases dopamine production, leading researchers to search for ways cannabis can help. Along a slew of anecdotal evidence and increasing legality, researchers are looking further into the medical applications of ADHD and cannabis. Due to these circumstances, using medical marijuana is a personal journey full of trial and error in finding the right strains to use. To help that journey, here are a few strains to try and reign in the focus or slow down and mellow out a little.

Is there a giant, totally boring, mind numbing report breathing down your neck?

Does Reddit inevitably end up on the screen right after opening the browser? Is there a previously started project just sitting out back, waiting to be finished? If so, there may be a friend to help! His name, Jack Herer. This strain is known to be creative and energetic, flowing peacefully to really bring the focus and attention together.

On the flip side, need a moment of calm and tranquility? Doing too many things at once? Park yourself on the couch and pull up a bowl of Tahoe OG. This highly potent indica can produce feelings of total body relaxation and bliss. With a touch of sativa genetics, this strain can help find the center you’ve been after, without slowing down the thought process.


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