See, THIS is the kind of stuff we warned you about!

It’s those politicians that act like the Grinch with Suzie Loo Who’s tree, “It has a light that won’t light. I’ll take it to my shop…” every time they want to appeal to the eight people in Oklahoma who still think “Reefer Madness” is a documentary. Yeah, THEM. Well, Edmund’s own Rep. Lewis Moore is so worried about methamphetamine tainted MMJ, he’s offering a big red button to press in case we get a bad batch; then he can shut the state’s supply down and save us all. This won’t end badly. Said no one ever.

Dispensaries could bring back Oklahoma’s Main Street

Walmart has no intention of opening a dispensary (that we know of), but an unforeseen benefit of the local dispensaries popping up all-over small-town Oklahoma has been the Main Street resurgence with treats, sandwiches, ice cream shops and unusual food samplings; some intended to lure the MMJ card holder in for a snack. This is not unique to OK, but it is welcome at a time of national economic prosperity that Oklahoma was able to recover from the downturn so quickly.

What many did not see coming was that this influx of trendy kitsch has brought people into downtown to do more than hit the head shop, folks stick around for a while, grab a non-chain store pizza, window shop and many have started to make the local shopping district their stomping grounds. We have high hopes this will lead to bigger attendance at Farmers’ Markets and an influx of cash to the local economy. We hope this will help Oklahoma State Government to back off on all those taxes they want to charge for medical cannabis.

It won’t remove Walmart, but it gives them competition which helps to help Oklahomans to make a better wage as well. And we couldn’t be happier about that.

Cannabis coming under attack from “Addiction Lawyers” – why?

We told you about the FDA last month, and an attorney named David Evans looking to destroy the MMJ industry, one state, one dispensary, one budtender, one dealer at a time. His reasoning is almost the logic of one obsessed with revenge with the girl (or guy, we don’t judge) who broke his heart. We won’t expound on that, but he seems quite obsessed with taking out the cannabis industry in its entirety. Pay attention or your rights could vanish in a puff of smoke. Read his presentation to other lawyers hoping to sue to take away your rights to light up here:

But, here’s the kicker: until Congress, the FDA, the USDA, the DEA agree to leave marijuana at the state level or legalize it federally, lawyers will see opportunity all over the place. And where there’s a disconnect at the federal-state levels, there’s a lawyer waiting to find an in. Make your vote count. Learn what the candidates stand for, at the local, state and federal levels. You don’t have to spend all your time on this, but a little effort can’t hurt. We will do our very best to keep you in the know…

AWW, OMMA is making things easier for us

Our pals at OMMA are working toward becoming a new, more useful OMMA, and as a part of their efforts at convenience, they have decided to allow for short-term medical marijuana cards (this will stem the opioid tide), and the physician certification requirement is being deleted as part of their effort at streamlining the process. We gotta give them props for that one. Well done.

Be sure to tell others who have yet to apply to check out the new simpler rules at

SXSW goes Cannabiz in 2020

SXSW has generally been a forward-thinking event, with all kinds of entertainment for all kinds of art lovers. Not everything is for every taste, and in 2020, they are introducing Marijuana Idea Panels for their Cannabusiness Track. If you have something valuable to offer, now’s the time to share your “technological, cultural, financial, legal and political ecosystems that are defining the cannabis-focused enterprises of both today and tomorrow.”
They will have plenty of controversial topics, players and discussions, so microwave a big bag of popcorn. More at

God Bless the FDA

After radio silence since May’s CBD fiasco, the FDA hasn’t said much, but they haven’t been permitted the option to do so. It’s the lawsuits, red tape, legalese and endless rules they are rolled up in that make their ability to do anything almost impossible, including the decision on what MMJ is: food or dietary supplement.

Which leads to their next appearance August 13 when they send a rep to the Hemp Council Biz Summit to deliver the keynote address. You have a better shot at Rolling Stones tix. Sheesh.

But here’s the thing; the FDA is skittish. They took some slaps when they touched no one inappropriately over the opioid thing. And they kept their mouth shut. Nowadays, the FDA isn’t feeling so nice where there are a lot of unknowns. Keep an eye on this one. The meeting notes should be a great read.

What do the Presidential Candidates think about legalizing?

Your right to vape, roll one, grow your own could be taken away at any point by choosing a prez that is anti-MMJ, so pay attention, no matter what your party, to what the candidates say with their words and their deeds.

At this point in time, ALL the Democrats are in favor of legalizing Marijuana at the federal level at least medically, with most feeling that the recreational decision should be left to each state.

Republicans have generally said they are in favor of marijuana legalization just as the Democrats have, their enthusiasm furthered by closing the US borders to marijuana from other countries. Where Republicans have concerns with MMJ is often tied to kids and vaping and MMJ falling into the wrong hands.