U.S. politicians are doing a collective butt pucker these days, as the World Health Organization, a medical group of leading researchers, doctors and scientists, otherwise known as WHO, and who answer to no one, have found that the whole ‘Schedule 1’ thing is a load of BUNK. The latest report due out any day now, will have many new things to say, namely that everything for the last 100 or so years is crap. They are expected to say things like:

  • Cannabis is not addictive
  • Cannabis has numerous medical benefits, many of which have yet to be discovered
  • Cannabis has many other psychological benefits and to dismiss them would be a mistake of the worst kind.
  • Labelling Cannabis as a Schedule 1 drug (very dangerous, no medical value) is not only incorrect, it is damaging to the people it could be benefitting.

This report would be the proverbial “Sir, I challenge you to a duel” to anyone who says different. These guys can beat up your guys, so to speak. We are jittering with excitement to see what happens. We’ll call if the duel is happening.

Where is the Prez on MJ?

We really don’t know. If you’ll recall, on the campaign trail, he said he would support the Senate and State’s Rights, but he has put many cabinet members in place who saw “Reefer Madness” and thought it was a documentary (seriously), and after telling Senator Corey Gardener it was safe, but then admitted privately to many associates that he was NOT in favor of legalizing. So we don’t know.

Trump’s essentially cut most funding to $500,000 for medical benefit to humans in 2021, yet $17 million has been set aside to fund a national hemp program, clarifying regulation and government assistance to the industry. So far, cattle are likely to see the hemp payout. You, however, may not be so lucky, unless you can find a way to make that $500,000 work.

Don’t post your opinions all over Twitter. YOU are not the president.

There’s a kind of KUSH all over the WORLD

What happens here when a bad thing happens in another part of the world? Nothing, right? WRONG. The Coronavirus (or 2019-nCoV) is likely to impact the U.S., Canadian and global MJ/MMJ market in significant ways. If you think we’re wrong, think again.

Here’s how it works:

Let’s say you start a professional grow. You need equipment. Lights, HVAC systems, a sealing room or greenhouse, pots, ventilation system, the list is long, right? Guess where 75-90 percent of the equipment is manufactured. Yep. CHINA. And with last year’s trade war, things were kinda strained, but with the Coronavirus? OHHELLNO.

Even IF the Coronavirus does not go pandemic, China has shut down many trade routes WITHIN, slowing down production and supply chains. Other countries (the U.S. included) have taken aggressive measures to test products at entry ports to see if the virus is on products at ports. All that costs money. Someone has to pay for the swabbing, testing, clean-up, re-routing to India, Thailand, other ports (some countries are taking up the mantle already, but this takes time).

What industries will be most impacted?

LED, HPS bulbs, vaporizers and accessories, and some of the smaller parts used in production will be the biggest mark-ups, no matter what happens. It could be a short-term thing if Corona gets it’s lime, or it could go crazy and we may have to go old school and (gulp) grow outside like the old days. I know, I know. It’ll be okay. We can do this.

Now, for the local news

It’s funny how we are interconnected. If your neighbor builds an ugly AF shed that you see from your back porch, you’re going to be cranky. It’s going to annoy you every time you fire up the grill. We are all interconnected, like it or not.

Same goes for everything in life. If we allow our waterways to be contaminated with crap from Monsanto, Dupont, big manufacturers with no regard for what they do, not only does it impact your drinking water, it impacts everything. If a farm overuses chemical fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides, it impacts your grow. Weed is called weed for a reason.

Same thing can be said for soil contamination, air pollution and damn near everything around us. We are a web of interconnected, but no one wants to be a fly stuck in someone else’s web either.

Your vote DOES matter!

Super TUESDAY is upon us, people! Stop being a lazy ass and do your part. We are tired of thinking for you, telling you what to do and begging you to do what people all over the world only DREAM of doing. Get off the damn couch and make your mommas proud. If you don’t do your part, we don’t want to hear it when you don’t like how things turned out.

Get off Facebook, get on the Google machine, look up what you need to know to find your local voting place, and change things or keep them the same, but VOTE!


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