SnoopDogg is my thunder buddy


As I sit here writing this, I’m watching a couple of blue jays rebuild their nest after the recent storms we’ve had. We are all feeling a bit battered after the past storms, tornadoes and biblical flooding. Don’t get me wrong, I love Oklahoma, but I despise everything about tornado season, right down to those T.V. weather JACK WAGONS that thrive on winding us all up!
Even though everyone knows that here in Edmond, we bribe the Tornado Overlords to leave us alone, it doesn’t always work, and I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty scared! But unlike past years, THIS year I wasn’t reduced to barricading myself in the bathroom, wearing my husband’s fire helmet and sobbing, whilst singing to my dog. (Also not gonna lie, a fairly typical evening around here, storms or no).

Since you asked, the reason I wasn’t as scared is because I medicated with cannabis.

This year, as part of my usual storm season prep, I stopped by The Peak and picked up a vape cartridge with Snoop Dogg O.G. Indica. What a lifesaver! I used it liberally whenever I started to feel overwhelmed during the storms, and it worked beautifully. Normally I avoid Indicas during the day, preferring Sativas and my hybrid strains for daytime and save the Indicas for evenings to relax and sleep. In this case I knew my anxiety would be ramping up along with the super mesocyclones hook echo 3 -D Doppler radar with the frim-fram sauce B.S., and any Sativa-based medication would likely send me down the rabbit hole of paranoia. Did not want to go there. Nope.
So it was Snoop to the rescue, and even though I’m terrified of tornadoes, I can now report I was able to get my shizzle on (Snoop-speak for us hep cats) and go about my life!  Medicating with alcohol or tranquilizers for anxiety and stressful situations, can be extremely dangerous, especially when it is paramount to stay calm and focused. 
Blue jay HGTV update: the male continues to haul up these big gnarly twigs and the second he shoves off to gather more, she tosses them over the side, twittering the whole while something to the effect of: “What is wrong with him? Does he think we all want to sit around here with sticks up our arses?”
Thankfully, tornado season is winding down, but until then,
May the Odds Be Forever in Your Favor!