By Micah Rodriguez

In recent months, the COVID-19 virus has made its way around the globe, infecting hundreds of thousands and proving to be more worrisome than previously thought. Nations around the world have been closing borders and practicing self-isolation. Here in the United States, many are being encouraged to stay indoors and avoid crowds as much as possible. In Oklahoma alone, many counties and cities are asking businesses to temporarily close down or move to a delivery/curb-side system. How does all of this affect Oklahoma patients getting access to their dispensary during these trying times?

As of this writing, dispensaries will be staying open in the case of a quarantine. Many have already moved to a curb-side only system. Dispensaries are also adopting more sanitary procedures, like not allowing customers to smell the product and selling only pre-packaged items. While not being able to smell/see product before buying might be a bummer to some, it is a necessary precaution towards preventing the possible spread of this virus. Along with these options available to patients, it is recommended to follow CDC guidelines and stay cautious during these times. Wash your hands, pick up a new hobby while staying indoors or away from crowds, maybe practice growing your own, and most importantly, stay safe.

Additional suggestions from Leafly and Weedmaps:

  • Do not share joints, bowls, water pipes or bongs EVEN IF you and those around you feel fine. Young people can die from COVID-19 and spread it to others.
  • Do not share bottles or glasses of alcohol, even hard alcohol. It is NOT true that hard alcohol kills COVID-19, nor do hair dryers. has dispelled lots of misinformation.
  • If larger numbers of people are sharing space, you may want to leave, despite your desire for social contact. There are some people not taking this virus seriously. There are dispensaries that require you to come inside, which is okay, but keep your distance from other patients and staff, get what you need and go.
  • PLEASE DO NOT FORWARD COVID CURES WITHOUT RESEARCHING THEM FIRST! WE BEG YOU! This is a surefire way to not only hurt, but you could KILL someone you love. Sources such as, and are working tirelessly to find out the facts. PLEASE stop making their jobs even harder.


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