By Amiea Eleban

If you are busy worrying about paying your bills, buying food and wondering if you will have a job, you are not alone. The U.S. unemployment numbers are very scary right now. People are worrying about their daily needs and have no time to think about other peoples’ problems.

But now is the best time to think about some of the things that the government WANTS to sweep under the rug, namely marijuana legalization, the over-incarceration of people on non-violent marijuana possession charges and holding charges that many poorer Americans are being locked up under because they cannot make bail while our courts remain closed.

We do not advocate for dangerous criminals to be released without serving their punishment, but there are still so many people right here in Oklahoma who go to jail every day for minor infractions like marijuana possession. And it’s a poor man’s crime. Many richer people are let out because “He can’t be incarcerated, he has a bright future, it’ll ruin him.”

People all deserve fair treatment under the law. No matter who they are. Our non-violent offenders should not be forced to sit in lock-up, waiting for trial because they can’t make bail, especially during the Covid outbreak. Tell our Senators, Congressmen and Governor Stitt that this is not the time to let people die over small offenses.


Other states are using the Covid outbreak to avoid voting on marijuana legislation. In New York, Governor Cuomo has said that the C-19 outbreak has made the marijuana vote a backburner issue, especially as it needs to be voted on in person.

In Missouri, all MMJ voting has been tabled until 2021, claiming that Covid is the cause. That’s a bummer. We were hoping they would move on this sooner.

The $2.2 Trillion Economic Stimulus Package was signed by Donald Trump but one Rep, Ed Perlmutter (Colorado), wanted the SAFE Banking Act added in to help the MJ businesses get some love. It doesn’t look like it will happen this round.

On the brighter side, only one state still has not legalized anything: South Dakota. CBD, hemp, all of it is illegal in SD, but maybe they’ll see their state in a national map in red and finally come around.

States that have fully legalized as of now: CA, OR, WA, ME, VT, MA, AK, MI, IL, CO.

Kansas and Nebraska have decriminalized marijuana but have no legalization program. Not sure that it won’t get messy at some point, but so far, it seems to be working.


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