Both New and veteran cannabis users agree that there is only one product that stands out when it comes to discretion, convenience and functionality. Pre-filled cannabis oil cartridges. These cartridges are hooked up to a pocket sized vape pens that allow for discrete cannabis use almost anywhere, anytime.

The market is exploding with new offerings coming out often. There are a lot of factors that go into choosing the right product for you. They all may appear to be essentially the same, but there are many quality differences you should be aware of. This is a crash course on choosing a high-quality cannabis extract cartridge.

Why Should I Use a Concentrate Vape Cartridge?


The easies way to enjoy cannabis oil on the move is pre-filled vapor cartridges. They are typically small and discreet. All Vape pans can fit in your pocket and be used anywhere, anytime.

Simple to Use

Vape cartridges make for one of the easiest ways to consume cannabis. You don’t need to read an instruction manual to use a vaporizer. You just press the button, inhale and blow out. Vape cartridges also put out less vapor and give off very little smell, making them extremely discreet.

Easier to Dose

Dosing your cannabis concentrate can be difficult and erratic with other modes of consumption. With vapor cartridges, the dosage is easily controlled with each puff. You essentially know what to expect with each inhalation, and you get the same amount each time.

Different Type of Cartridges

Not all pre-filled cartridges are created equal. There are many differences between strains, manufacturers and quality.

Disposable or Permanent Rigs

It is important to understand the hardware options available to you. Some companies design their cartridges only to work with their hardware, so that you must own their specific rig to vape their cartridges. On the flip side of this, other companies format their pre-filled tanks to fit on the standard 510 threaded battery. this is the norm for universal pre-filled tanks that aren’t designed for a specific hardware combination.

There are also entire pre-filled vape pens that are entirely disposable. The batter is a one-time use system that comes pre-charged. This setup means you will run out of cannabis concentrate at the same time or before the battery dies. After that, you throw away the entire pen.

CO2 or Distillate

A distillate refers to an extremely refined cannabis oil with virtually no impurities. After the cannabis is extracted, it is further distilled for purity. While distillates are a great choice, keep in mind that additives are included. In order to have the right viscosity for vaping, distillates are often mixed with propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or polyethylene glycol. Some companies are innovating the field by adding natural terpenes back to distillates to avoid additives.

CO2 Oil does not typically require additives in order to properly vaporize. Another plus side is that unlike most distillates, some of the natural terpenes are retained from the original plan material. This leads to natural strain-specific flavors that let the personality of the strain shine.

Terpenes and Why They Are Important

Some manufacturers include either food grade terpenes or naturally occurring cannabis terpenes (from CO2 extraction). Ask your Budtender about specific products and read the label. The lemon/lime flavored cartridges you see on the shelf have a food grade terpene called d-limonene added to them. This helps with viscosity but doesn’t add any psychoactive effects to the concentrate. Naturally occurring terpenes are what allow for more specific effects designed to mimic actual flower strains. When products are advertised for having an Indica, sativa or hybrid profile, these are generally from naturally occurring terpenes.

Cannabinoid and Full–Spectrum Extracts

Some pre-filled cartridges are created to be high CBD instead of high THC. These differences can be extremely helpful for their medicinal value and give an opportunity for finding the right mix for your needs.

The most coveted pre-loaded cannabis extracts come in the form of “full-spectrum extracts”. These are typically rare and only appear in some areas. If you see one of these, we highly recommend picking them up. They offer an experience closer to vaping an entire cannabis flower, but with the ease and portability of a vape pen.

Now that you know more about pre-loaded cannabis extracts, you may have a good idea about what you want to try first. Remember, your Budtender is a valuable resource for learning more about what may work best for you. Don’t be shy about asking questions.