We live in an age where anything you want to know is out there at the tap of a button…

everything you want is on a machine in your pocket. Many of our readers don’t remember when encyclopedias were a thing. It’s a great time in our human history to have seen what we have become (it’s also a tough time when there are folks who wish you ill, moving on…).

But with great data comes great responsibility. Just because someone took the time to type something up and put it on the web doesn’t make it factual. Gathering data for a magazine like this one is a battle like none we could have imagined. There are many who want their agendas put forth – both for, and against, cannabis – and some will go to great lengths to get those agendas in your head.

We here at TCB want ONLY FACTS in your head.

We do our best to stay clear of political agendas, dangerous drugs posing as natural ones, tell you all we know about cannabis, kratom, the vaping scares (which ended with little fanfare), what legislators are doing (without letting our opinions sway you, UNLESS they got into their seat by false promises, grr), and we always look out for quality in this industry. These things we refuse to compromise on.

What we go through to get a true story is a journey of 1,000 steps: the first 100 steps are covered in broken glass, the second 100 are made of red-hot coals, the third are covered with angry cobras…you get the message. If we don’t get all the data spot-on, show a little compassion; everyone has a ‘way’ of doing things. We try to make room for everyone.

It’s even tougher with advertising. We hear some folks tell us they don’t need to advertise, the word of mouth will do it for them (to those of you who think that, you’ll want to try a new approach), we hear some say they are going to undercut their competitors for business (but if no one knows you did this, then ??), and still more think that badmouthing their neighbors will buy them love (you guys are &$%^s. Yeah, I said it).

There is only one path to success in any industry. HARD WORK and ETHICS. No man has gotten through the long haul by stealing, lying and being &$%^s. Sure, you know a few, but they didn’t succeed, not really. People hate them, only do the bare minimum begrudgingly, but others avoid these charlatans just as the rest of us do. Don’t sell your own soul to make a dollar.


You need to spend a dollar to make a dollar (shut up, it’s true).

If you are wondering where things went wrong, let’s take a moment.

FACTS: 2019 was not a great year for cannabis.

It is a crop, we have growing pains, it is legal in some states, but not federally, if you planned to make a buck then cut and run, you will lose (get out now), and if you are a jerk, get out of customer service.

If you want to make it in the cannabiz, but need help, we want to help you. The Current Buzz can help you get there. TCB has pros with degrees and years of proven experience with marketing and sales, professional graphics experts and writers, and we can partner with you to push your biz to a new demographic, a bigger geography, or a change of scenery. But we can’t help you if you don’t want to help yourself. You have to want it too.

Let’s rock this grower, supplier, dispensary, vape shop thing in 2020.


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