We got LOTS of shake for y’all, and it just keeps coming. But what shake we found is what some call ‘bunk’. We try to never judge, but did you read the story on what Twitter is up to these days? MJ is ‘addictive’? Wow.

Let’s get back to facts. Smarter patients make smarter decisions. We are here to smarten everyone up as much as possible. Ready. Set. Know!

Oklahoma contracts out safety stuff

A company called Metrc has been contracted to set-up a seed-to-sale tracking system for the Oklahoma MMJ system for OMMA. Metrc, operating in 14 states already, will ensure we are safe from bad stuff in our MMJ. The system will help with consistency, chemicals and traceback. Businesses will be expected to use this system in the upcoming weeks. The entire process will take about six months to fully integrate into the MMJ business side of things. Check out www.metrc.com for more.

We also heard that OMMA has contracted an Arkansas company to oversee the labs in Oklahoma to the tune of TEN MILLION DOLLARS! Wow. They better do a good job since they have about six dispensaries in Soo-Wee Country and they all come over here for their medication.

Not my hair you don’t!

We did not know this, but hair follicle tests, often used to detect drug use going back farther than a few days, are not only unfair, but they are sometimes inaccurate. Worse, the feds want to use them more widespread as a test for drug use.

Hair follicle tests can sometimes return a positive result months after use, even if you’ve been behaving yourself, but even worse, they can be influenced by the color of your hair. If you have dark hair, your hair’s melanin may ‘hold’ some drugs longer than others just because of the color. Black hair can hold some drugs 15 times more than light hair, further supporting the theory that the drug testing industry treats the Black and Latino people unfairly.

The group in charge of this test, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), acknowledges the hair test may be an issue and they said that any positive test will be followed by a saliva or urine test for confirmation. Many private companies may also adopt this testing once the feds accept it as protocol. Know your rights before you allow your boss to test your tresses.

Animals and CBD

We’ve discussed this before, but you may have forgotten that any cannabis product out there is still not permitted to be administered to pets under federal law. If you are looking to help your pet with it, your veterinarian may not be able to prescribe something. Which leaves it up to you.

If you are looking to help your pet with pain relief, edibles or tincture is the best way to go, you will want to use CBD meant for human consumption, stay clear of THC as well as chocolate, and keep your dosing on the lower side. Match the dosing with your pet’s body weight. Cats will not like citrus flavors, FYI.

A university in Texas is working toward understanding how CBD can help horses and dogs who suffer from seizures. We’ll keep you posted.

Speaking of animals…A zoo in Poland is trying to cure their elephant’s depression over the loss of her mate with CBD after she has spent many months in mourning.

Be nice to your local dispensary! At least don’t trash the place.

A lot of dispensaries in California have suffered big losses by customers who felt they were entitled to the free stuff, so these customers decided to do a little B&E action to score some free weed. When the culprits found that the weed was locked away from sticky hands, instead of going back from whence they came, they trashed the place. Some shops suffered almost total losses from vandalism.

But that’s only the beginning of the story. Because our federal government has made cannabis dispensary ownership such a hassle, some dispensaries have been forced into paying much more for insurance than other businesses – then they were shut out when they needed to file a claim for vandalism.

Its not only a problem in California, Illinois dispensaries suffered a similar fate as well. Some dispensaries suffered such catastrophic losses, they either paid the damages themselves or they were forced to close their doors forever.

Lesson 1: Don’t steal stuff that ain’t yours.

Lesson 2: Don’t trash other people’s stuff either. If you do, you’re a jerk and your marijuana should be cut-off for life. Along with your arms.


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