The Wild West of Weed


Wherever I go, I hear folks saying ‘Oklahoma is the Wild West of weed.’ My question is, “Why do you feel this way? What has Oklahoma done differently from other states that make us the ‘Wild West of weed’?” I get a myriad of answers, but mostly they refer to Oklahoma being a ‘recreational medical’ state. When asked to be more specific, I’m told in other states, medical marijuana can only be utilized for specific ailments. In Oklahoma, there is no such distinction for cannabis use specified by our governing agencies, which brings me to the other reason for Oklahoma being called “the Wild West of weed.”
No limits have been legislatively placed upon issuance of medical cannabis business licenses in Oklahoma. As I write this, I don’t have specific numbers available to me for actual licenses issued throughout the state for growers, processors, and dispensaries; however, I do know there are at least five dispensaries where I live, in Skiatook. This seems to be a large number for a city with a population estimated at 7,953 (approximately 35 people out of every 1000 Oklahomans have a medical marijuana card). That is 280 people to support five dispensaries in Skiatook. Will these patients sustain these businesses?

So, what tamed the American Wild West? It was cooperation between people and working towards common goals. I believe in the entrepreneurial spirit of Oklahomans. If we are supportive of one another, and cooperate instead of compete, I believe everyone can be successful. Consequently, let me be the first to start. I want to give accolades to another cannabis magazine I enjoy reading. I look forward to the cover art Herb Age Magazine proffers monthly, and I assert they are doing a good job providing patients useful information each month. Keep up the good work!

I believe God gives us all talents. Our job in life is to learn to utilize each other’s talents, without using one another. If we do this, we can tame “the Wild West of weed” and enjoy this new era of cannabis consumption we are blessed with in Oklahoma.