If you’ve ever accidentally gotten a big gulp of ‘water pipe’ water while taking a hit, you know how awful it can be. And if you aren’t much of a fan of the taste of the edibles out there (gotta say, some just taste like candy that’s been dropped in the dirt), then this story may not be for you.
The next new thing the cannabis industry is infusing with weed is beverages. And not just things like iced teas and coffees, but also things like beers, wines and mixed drinks too. Adding CBD and THC to non-alcoholic beer could have value but adding them to alcoholic beers is considered by some to be a recipe for disaster. Hops and cannabis are closely related agricultural products; both have terpenes and terpenoids (THC is a terpenoid), but hops lack an enzyme (protein) that could change one of its chemicals to THC or CBD. Pretty cool, huh?
This hasn’t stopped the beer barons from putting weed in beer (or putting beer in weed), because, well, think of the dollars! The game plan arose from the consumer who wants to get wasted but hates hangovers as well as the market where we need to put weed in everything to see what works.
Makers of Busch, Corona and Modelo have partnered with cannabis companies to develop a perfect partnership of marijuana-infused beer, but there have been many stumbles along the way. A bad grow year, management turnovers, flavor issues, market fickleness, Coronavirus (and the economy) all have made cannabeer a bit slower to catch on than expected.
One noticeable change to the alcohol market has been that the introduction of marijuana has dropped alcohol use considerable. In Canada, the legalization of cannabis has led to a decrease in alcohol sales by over 30 percent. This has been a crushing blow to an industry that needs Canada to drink. Infusing beer with weed is the perfect answer.
Further, the U.S. has yet to legalize marijuana, so the biggest beer drinking market is holding up Busch and Budweiser from making more money (we wonder if they got money from the Cares Act, hmm?), post Covid19. Canada and countries that have fully legalized cannabis are embracing cannabeer, so don’t cry for them just yet. As a matter of fact, Constellation Beverage Company doubled its investment in Canopy Growth to ramp up their production for 2021. We bet they’ll be just fine, even if they did lose $300 million in 2018-19.

Heck, even Pabst Blue Ribbon is in on the green beer, having just created a PBR Cannabis Infused Seltzer in California.
The big Canna Company extracting the right stuff from cannabis and replacing the alcohol with the THC and CBD we all crave is BevZero. You may want to start your stock portfolio with this company. Their sister company Conetech is another to watch.
The big issues the U.S. still face are that we are still far behind where we should be in legalizing MJ/MMJ, and marijuana and alcohol are NOT allowed to comingle, so you will be waiting a while to go to your neighborhood pub and have a real “Bud” beer.
Then there’s the taste thing…


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