By Amy Addams

“The best cure for insomnia is to get a lot of sleep.” ~W.C. Fields

If you’ve ever had sleep issues of the insomnia variety, then you know how valuable sleep can be (or the highest density caffeine coffee legally allowable by law), and you also know how wonderful it can be when the period of insomnia passes. One out of every three people in the U.S. has sleep problems – both in quantity and quality.

For some, insomnia is a lifelong battle, and for others it can be related to life events or stressors and then go away when the stress does, sometimes it sticks around. The legalization of MMJ has been both a blessing and a curse; it helps with some issues, but only serves to make some sleep problems worse. Anecdotal evidence suggests that using either CBD or MMJ can interfere with REM sleep and leave users feeling uncoordinated the next day as spatial reasoning is messed with if you lose out on good REM sleep.

You didn’t think we would leave you laying there, looking at the cobwebs in the corners of your bedroom each night, naming invisible spiders, did ya? We have searched the cobwebbed corners of the globe looking for answers both for you and for our own sleep issues and we found that there are folks who have been looking for ways to help you for a long time now. What they found could be a game changer. Get ready to rock your world…

Ready for it?

If you are using heavy amounts of cannabis to go down at night, you may need to scale back your nightly ‘cocktail’. No, that was not a typo, just fact. By over-indulging in MMJ, you could be messing with your dream time, thereby messing with all your creative juices, making yourself a bit more stumbly and grumbly, and if you can never find anything, it could be related to your REM issues.

But don’t cuss us out just yet! There’s more…

There is an Eastern mix of cannabis flower and something called Datura to create shui sheng san or “sagacious sleep powder” that the Chinese herbalists have used to treat sleepless patients for quite a while and we in the west are just learning about (you would need to have the herbalist mix the datura for you and it requires the professional touch. DO NOT try this at home!).

Some people have stopped using MMJ entirely, some change over to CBD, some have tried the CBD/datura mix and some people use MMJ with datura as a new way to get their ZZZZ’s back. What you do is up to you, but datura is not a rare plant (it grows in Oklahoma), but it can be poisonous in larger quantities. We suggest you see a pro for help with it.

For more info on cannabis, datura, dreams and more, check out:

Would you like to try datura? Our suggestion is to start here:


If you have suffered from long-term sleep issues, some things to consider:

  1. Do you consume too much caffeine? If so, it might be time to scale back and if possible, stop all consumption after a certain time of day (noon is good). That includes coffee, teas, chocolate (even decaf has a little caffeine).
  2. Same thing for smoking cigarettes. Do not smoke for about an hour or more before bed. Try not to smoke in your bedroom or allow others to smoke in your bedroom.
  3. Getting exercise daily is helpful, even a short walk or stroll.
  4. Do not allow technology into your sleep space: no computers, phones, TV’s, or tech of any kind. Blue light devices can mess with your sleep.
  5. You may want to see your doctor and ask for a sleep study. You could have sleep apnea or any other number of sleep issues that need addressed. Be open and honest about what medications and other drugs you use (even if you are using street drugs). If your doctor is judgey, find another doctor.
  6. If you use a lot of cannabis to help you to sleep, you might want to switch over to CBD for a while instead of trying to quit cold turkey. People have claimed that they have had strange dreams, nightmares, or insomnia when going cold turkey.
  7. If you use cannabis for PTSD, do not change your regimen without speaking to your doctor first.
  8. Do all you can to help yourself: hydrate, eat better and avoid sugars and alcohol as much as possible.
  9. We will suggest you stay away from sleep pills. They have their own problems. If you take them now, do not start taking Datura without discussing it with your doctor first.


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