It was April 20th and I was laying in bed watching one of those late night TV talk shows. Snoop Dogg came on as a guest and was asked “What is your favorite cannabis strain?” Snoop Dogg chimed back saying “OG Kush has to be my favorite or at least one of my favorites.” Snoop’s endorsement was enough for me to try it. After all, the only person to ever smoke Snoop under the table was Willie Nelson when they were celebrating 420 together in Amsterdam.

The next day I ride my ol’ motorsickle down to Great American Strains in Skiatook and ask them if they have OG Kush. I bought 3.5 grams for $25, tax included. I am thinking, “This shit cain’t be very good at that price. Oh well, I’m going to try it anyway.”

Returning home to my mobile mansion I twist up a big ol’ fatty, grab myself a cup of coffee, and light up. Inhaling slowly, I enjoy the earthy taste coupled with a slight citrus aftertaste. I suffer from severe back pain most of the time. Immediately, my pain subsided by several degrees and I felt a calm euphoric feeling enveloping me. I liked how I felt calm without being tired or couch-locked. Stepping out my door I thought, “Same trailer, different park.” I have a whole new lease on life today!

I thoroughly enjoyed my OG Kush experience. A coupl’a days later I return to Great American Strains for more OG Kush. The budtender, Michelle said, “it is no longer available, but we have some Trainwreck available by the same grower Releaf Med Pharms from Talala, OK.” Apparently these folks know what they’re doing. The nugs are tighter’n my ex-wife’s girdle at an all-you-can-eat pancake breakfast. They are well trimmed, coupled with a strong pungent odor. Shall I gamble on their grow again?

What the hell?! I take 3.5 grams of Trainwreck for $25 out the door pricing. If the Trainwreck is half as good as the OG Kush you can expect a Trainwreck review in the next issue of The Current Buzz. Folks, be safe out there this month. We gotta new case of Covid-19 in the trailer park, just one dirt road over from me. Guess playing dominoes on the pond bank is gonna be out for a while.


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