Why we need to support The Cowboy Cup


Some folks were less than thrilled with our first state MMJ event held earlier this year

So much so, some folks are now turned off to gatherings of all sorts that represent Oklahoma medical cannabis. We have to tell you that we disagree. Huwha? Yeap. We said it. We disagree.

Hollup. Before you tear this paper to shreds in a fit of rage.

we have our reasons and they’ll make sense soon enough, but our biggest reason is an emotional one – WE DON’T NEED THEM OTHER FOLKS. They come here when they want something then they’re off. Whoop-dee-doo. Moving on…

Why do you NEED to attend the Cowboy Cup? There are MANY reasons, but we’ll offer up just the highlights:

  • It is Okie-run.
  • It is ABOUT Okies.
  • It’s FOR Okies.
  • It’s a celebration of the Okie grower (OUT of the shadows).
  • The music line-up is AMAZING.
  • You’ll probably get a new t-shirt. HUGE.

I’d like to focus on the music for a minute, because the Cowboy Cup knows their Okie music fans. If you haven’t seen the line-up, it reads like a Lowdown from Joe Mack’s speedy fingers from back in the Current days: Watermelon Slim, Taddy Porter, Okie Noodlers, Brujo Roots are just a few of the acts coming out to delight, but even JM himself will be there to throw down. You’ll be able to say you were there. What if it’s a 2019 Woodstock? And you stayed home? No. You will have to get off your butt and continue to support 788 if you want to keep it. We haven’t led you astray so far.

They have VIP or General Admission tickets: the VIP offers you early access on Dec. 13 where you can enjoy Vendor Night and get a Swag Bag of goodies for $110. If you are in the biz, you should consider it. The GA tix are $45 and let you enjoy the CC Dec. 14 starting at 11 a.m. and going all day.

The Cowboy Cup will be at the Tumbleweed Concert Arena in Stillwater. Tickets were still available as of mid-October, but they are limited (I wouldn’t suggest you wait until the last minute). Find out all you need to know, get tickets, see sponsors and band line-ups at cowboycup.com.

We’ll have the Cowboy Cup winners in our January issue of The Current Buzz.