And given all we’ve been through this year, it can’t hurt to have your stuff gathered up ahead of time so you aren’t waiting at the curb for the mailman to deliver your auto-flower seeds that should have arrived 2-3 weeks ago.

Let’s start with the beginner stuff. You’ll need to make some decisions on:

– The biggest consideration: MONEY. If you are growing indoors, you will need more than chemicals. Consider humidifiers, HID lighting, exhaust fans, heaters and a grow hut if you can’t devote a room to your grow. Make sure you shop your chemicals, seeds and equipment and find what you can live with. Do not go cheap on buying crappy soil over good cannabis soil. We also must forewarn you that seeds are not cheap. If you are new to this, consider autoflowering seeds. They are easy to use.

– whether you want to grow outdoors or indoors. Oklahoma can have some rough winters, then we have winters that feel like spring. If you are planning to go outdoors, you don’t want nighttime temps below 65 degrees F, daytime temps above 80 degrees F and the decreasing sunlight until December 21 can be a problem for confusing the flowering cycle. If you can go with HID lights and indoor growing, you’ll sleep better as well as have a better harvest.

– how many plants can you handle, and what strains? We’ve researched this extensively and it seems that monoculture (planting only one strain) is not the best idea, especially in Oklahoma. If that strain falls to disease, mold or pests, you could lose everything. If you plant a variety of crops, you stand a better chance against Oklahoma’s mean critters and diseases. We have a list of good strains for colder times to help you plan.

Now that you’ve played some scratch-offs to afford your grow, you need to decide what strains you will be planting. We can help you with that. There are strains that don’t mind a little chill in the air and we suggest you go with strains that can handle less than perfect.

Good strains for winter are: White Widow, Skunk XL, Royal Dwarf, Sweet Skunk Automatic, Royal Cookies Automatic, Royal Critical Automatic, Purple Queen Automatic and Northern Light Automatic


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