Historically, most studies of medical marijuana have been done with men’s health and impacts in mind. It’s only been in the past 20 years that women have been part of the marijuana discussion, but when women were factored in, big results were found in no time.

Because March is Women’s Month, we wanted to highlight all the ways in which women deserve to be a part of the marijuana discussion. Did you know that:

  • Without women, marijuana would never have been legalized! More women have shown up to vote for MJ/MMJ than men at almost every vote.
  • Cannabis affects women differently than men, mostly due to estrogen levels. Initially, women need less, and it is great help with menstrual cycles (pain, mood swings), but women develop tolerance and need more than men as time goes by. Estrogen is called ‘a magnifying glass for THC’ but that dies off pretty quick.
  • In the bedroom, MJ/MMJ lowers women’s inhibitions, relaxes women, while men seem more intimidated when they use. THC seems to be a strong sexual stimulant for women, but multiple studies continue to recommend that women use low dose THC strains. No substantive evidence supports this claim. Using large quantities is not recommended, however.
  • Women who partake tend to help their fertility along. Something about endocannabinoids being enhanced during ovulation. Could also be that women get riled up about fertility stuff and cannabis relaxes them?
  • Women generally respond better to MMJ/MJ where pain is concerned – by 30%. This is also tied to estrogen.
  • New studies in 2018 showed that women with debilitating endometriosis, menstrual pain and PMS have found that consuming cannabis with high amounts of CBD and THC were 70-80% better than 40-60mg of morphine equivalents of opioid pain medications.
  • Women are much less likely to develop the munchies from MJ/MMJ than men. It’s unknown why that is.
  • Women are helped with stress, impulsiveness and memory by using cannabis, where men are not. We think that women tend to stress more than men generally. MJ/MMJ just relaxes them, allowing for a more mellow experience overall.
  • Scientists believe that cannabis has many other benefits for women, but without proper funding, they can’t do much else here in the U.S.. Countries like Canada, Denmark and Portugal are going to look into ways to address many women’s health issues by extracting some specific terpenes and cannabinoids. Some lubricants, tampons, sexual and premenstrual aids could evolve women’s health by 100 years or more.


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