We are not telling you who to vote for. We are not trying to sway your thinking. What many of us need right now are FACTS. Facts are fading into fallacy. We need to help each other know what’s happening and vote how the next four years go. If you could devote a day to help others to vote, would you? Would you drive senior citizens to the polls? Would you volunteer to work at a local polling station to ensure things go smoothly? Would you canvas neighborhoods to help a candidate for senate, congress or president to have a better shot?

We found things you need to know BEFORE you walk away from your right to vote:

  1. Voter fraud is not nearly as rampant as you’ve been led to believe, including mail-in ballots. From 2000 to 2014, only 31 instances out of one billion ballots of impersonation fraud were found. Many complaints of fraud are based on misunderstandings over a state’s legal system or sour grapes.

What often happens is that fraud against voters, not by voters is the issue, BUT that is also pretty rare. Polling stations often enforce identification laws and become aggressive in verification, leaving some voters feeling left out and disgruntled. Don’t let that happen to you.

  1. Election Day should NOT be postponed because … (insert reason here). The prez cannot postpone, cancel or alter Election Day, and he/she/it cannot run their term past January 20 of the next year. Congress needs to step up and provide state officials the tools to make the elections run smoothly or we face a constitutional crisis and our entire way of governing and way of life could be in danger. Abraham Lincoln held an election in 1864, knowing he could lose his presidency during the Civil War.
  2. Non-Citizens are NOT voting in record numbers, nor are they tipping the scales. Of 42 jurisdictions where illegal aliens were suspected of tipping the scales in 2016, only 30 incidents out of 23.5 million votes were in need of further investigation. This is about 0.0001% of the total. The fact is that many immigrants have become naturalized and were voting legally in 2016.
  3. Malfunctioning voting machines are NOT rigged, they just suck. Fact is, 41 states had outdated voting machines in 2018, and since then, nine have upgraded and no battleground states will use paperless voting machines in 2020.
  4. Recounts, audits and election contesting are NOT ways the election gets stolen. It is just a way to verify that everyone got counted properly, match-up the electronic votes to the paper tallies and be responsible adults about the election thing. It’s okay if we don’t know right away. It tells us that our candidate is still in the running.
  5. If you need help voting, you ARE allowed to have it. The whole “ballot harvesting” thing is a myth started to make people believe there was fraud. Guardians, health care providers and family members can cast absentee ballots for those who need it.
  6. There are NOT NEARLY as many ineligible voters as claimed. All the talk of needing to purge voter rolls due to dirty voters is bunk. Sure, there are a few, but the comparison is drawn from Census data that includes illegals, people who changed their addresses, and other “inactives”. What this does is kick people off the voter rolls who have moved or changed their information for other reasons. Purging voters under the Voting Rights Act has affected low income, younger minority Democrats over older white Republican voters by 40%. It sends a message that the system is against minorities and lower income people over the older white voters who tend to be home owners. In 2016, NYC purged over 200,000 voters with little notice to them. Many showed to vote only to find that their records had been deleted and they could not vote.

We don’t care who you vote for this November 3. What we want you to do is get involved in our system of government. So many people in other countries envy our right to speak our minds, yet we have no interest in keeping our freedoms free?

Find out more on your right to vote at rightquestion.org and how to get involved at powerthepolls.org. Or live with the consequences of doing nothing, but don’t complain if you didn’t vote – you contributed to the problem by doing nothing.


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